"That my ladies is how you get discounted smoothies," Blair gloats once we're a safe distance away from the pop up stall

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"That my ladies is how you get discounted smoothies," Blair gloats once we're a safe distance away from the pop up stall. "He's a little thin for my liking but I'll still go on a date with him."

I chuckle lightly at her while Taylor rolls her eyes. Sometimes she can be such a player when it comes to guys. But then again, most guys are the same when it comes to girls or at least at our school. It's rare that you would find a guy that isn't chasing you for one thing.

My opinion might be bias but that's how my almost non existent dating life is. I've been a total of three dates that ended with me pushing the guy away, stomping on his foot and putting a bucket on his head filled with popcorn.

In my defense he's lucky I didn't slap him when his hand slipped underneath the hem of my dress. Just as the movie started by the way and on our first date. There's some lines that shouldn't be crossed and that's one of them.

"Kira!" I stop walking, looking back to see Nate walking towards me with a grin. "How are-"

I swat his arms down with narrowed eyes. "What were you thinking about running away last night? Do you know that your brother called me to find where you were? Why would you do that?"

He blinks slowly and tucks his hands into his jeans pockets. Not long after my eyes trail back to see Rhys busy on his phone, he looks up and does a double take. Quickly I turn back to Nate who resembles a child being scoldered.

"He was being a jerk," I raise an eyebrow and he sighs. "But on the upside it made you guys talk-"

"What's going on here?" Blair questions with her bitchy exterior going up instantly. "I thought you weren't talking to either of the Adams brothers. They're nothing but trouble."

"Well actually I'm not trouble, " Nate butts in with a grin. "Rhys on the other hand..."

"Nate shut up," Rhys finally puts his phone away and steps closer with a sigh. "Once again you're still holding a grudge over something that happened years ago. You should really learn to move on from that."

"I would if you weren't persistently trying to hang around my friend," She glances to me with a raised eyebrow. "I don't know what you're thinking by doing so."

"It's not like I'm forcing her against her own will," Rhys snorts, standing between Nate and I. "Unlike you she doesn't necessarily care about reputations or feels the need to isolate me because of something I would call a mistake."

"He's not a bad person despite what you think," Her eyes narrow on me and I exhale shakily. "You can stop glaring at me because I stand by what I said. He isn't going to bash my head in or try to kill me or at least I hope not."

He gives me an amused look before rolling his head to speak to Blair. "It's not like she's my girlfriend which would give you a reason to give me the third degree. Until then you can just keep your mouth shut."

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