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Pen Your Pride

Chapter Twenty-One: Serenade Me

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“Zayn! Let me down!” I pounded on his back, my legs scissor kicking wildly in the air. “This isn’t funny!”

“It’s pretty hilarious actually,” Liam smirked at me. I shot him a glare causing him to laugh even louder.

“When I get down, you’re all screwed,” I said pointedly before looking at Niall, who was supposed to be the best friend here and help me out of Zayn's arms. The blonde boy just smiled as he blew me a kiss. Zayn had taken it upon himself to carry me to musical class. It was Thursday and the award ceremony was tomorrow. Harry got back tonight but I didn’t know if it was going to be late, the boys said anywhere from midnight to 4 in the morning. We walked into musical before Zayn set me on my feet. I pushed his chest and scowled at him. Zayn just laughed and pulled me into a tight hug.

“You love me, babe,” Zayn said into my ear. I just sighed and nodded. I did, no matter what the boys did to me, I loved them nonetheless. Zayn let me go before he took a seat in the guys section. I found Abi and sat next to her.

“Are you excited for Harry coming back?” Abigail smiled as she put her stuff under her chair. The boys thought it was a good idea that I didn’t tell anyone that Harry and I were just pretending. I nodded and sent her a smile, hoping that was enough to convince her. I hated lying to them, but I promised the boys I’d help them.

“How are you and Niall?” I casually switched the subject.

“What do you mean?” Her cheeks turned as red as her hair.

“Have you guys kissed?”

“No!” She said quickly before sighing. “I hardly ever see him... and I don’t have his number so we hardly talk unless it’s in the hallway for a quick moment.” Abi had spent her lunches in the art room working on her end of the semester project.

“I can give him your number if you’d like,” I hooked my arm with hers and leaned my head against her shoulder. 

“Don’t make it obvious!” She smiled as I moved my head to look at her. The tardy bell rang as Mrs. Coats walked in and smiled. We were auditioning for Seussical and on Monday we’d audition for Grease. The results would be posted next Wednesday. Mrs. Coats called out the first few names on her sign up sheet. Liam was one of the names called. I clapped as he got into line and smiled. Auditions were fairly short, you’d sing part of the song while the directors took notes. 

“Hello, my name is Liam Payne and I’ll be auditioning for the role of the Cat.” Liam gave a heart breaking smile and girls around me whispered joyfully. “The song I will be singing is How Lucky You are.” Liam breathed before his beautiful voice filled the air.

“When the news is all bad,

When you’re sour and blue,” Liam pouted while he sung, girls giggled quietly.

“When you start to get mad, you should do what I do!

Tell yourself,

How lucky you are,” He winked before comically spinning in a circle slowly. He did jazz hands and I could see the directors looking at each other and nodding.

“When your life’s going wrong,

When the fates are unkind,

When you’re limping along and get kicked,” Liam kicked the air. I found that I had a huge smile on my face- this boy knew how to act.

“From behind! Tell yourself,

How lucky you are!” Liam stopped singing and smiled before walking back to his seat. The class clapped, just a bit louder then we had been for everyone else. Liam did a wonderful job!

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