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arianagrande started a group chat!

arianagrande: hi bitches 😜

victoriamonet is typing...

perrieedwards is typing...

selenagomez is typing...

victoriamonet: 👋🏾

perrieedwards: hiiii

selenagomez: it's one in the morning why are y'all up 😒

arianagrande: did Abel not come home with you last night? You seem a bit upset 🤔

zayn is typing...

zayn: Ariana you wildin 😂

selenagomez: both of you shut up 😒

perrieedwards is typing...

perrieedwards: who added the dickhead to the chat ?

victoriamonet: 👀

justinbieber: oh shit 😅

selenagomez: 😧

zayn is typing...

zayn: Ariana did, problem?

arianagrande: they should really make an emoji of someone eating popcorn because I could really use it right now ☺️

perrieedwards is typing...

perrieedwards: no, none at all! Just thought this chat wouldn't be so... infested...

zayn: if you left it wouldn't feel that way






victoriamonet: you guys are so damn immature 😭😭😭

victoriamonet: you guys are so damn immature 😭😭😭

perrieedwards: get your laughs out now 😒 it won't be funny later

zayn: it won't be funny to YOU later but it will to us 😂

perrieedwards is typing...

perrieedwards: Zayn bud, you having fun living in your girlfriend's apartment? Must be hard sneaking girls in there 🤔🤔

arianagrande is typing...

arianagrande: wELL alright I think that's enough for tonight

justinbieber is typing...

justinbieber: nah we're just getting started 🐸☕️

selenagomez: ^

zayn is typing...

zayn: I don't even have a comeback for that lol I'll give you that one, Edwards

perrieedwards: 💁

justinbieber: y'all suck 🙄


(Well, well, well.. I actually don't have much to say lol this is my first time actually writing a 'story' so I hope it was at least sorta funny 🤙🏽 so yeah.. vote, comment, share, blah, blah, blah and I hope you enjoyed ❤️)

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