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"Don't make light of the Kouga Clan!!" Dorji yelled, grabbing the officer in charge by the front of his shirt, while the rest of the men took care of the fallen soldiers and captured the second carriage.

"Damn it! Damn it! Don't come any closer, scoundrel!!" the officer cried as Dorji raised his sword for the kill. But then he froze mid swing when Baba's words from before flashed through his mind.

If you kill the enemy soldiers, it'll turn into a war!

"That's right, calm down!" the officer exclaimed nervously, taking advantage of his moment of hesitation to get away. "Otherwise, I'm not sure what'll become of this little miss here!" he said, grabbing Toya by her hair while he held a knife to her throat. Dorji's eyes widened when he saw the state she was in. He had never seen Toya so terrified before. She was shaking violently. Tears were streaming down her face, new mingling with old. She was dirty, and the top of her dress had been partially ripped open. On her chest was a small cut that was still bleeding. His pupils constricted as something inside of him snapped.

"Die!!" Dorji snarled furiously, raising his sword to cut the hateful man down. But before he could even realize what he was doing, the knife was pulled away from Toya's throat, and the officer was skidding on the ground as he landed flat on his face a couple feet away. The culprit was Faith. Dorji froze in shock as he suddenly realized what was happening and what he had been about to do.

"I've enough of your crap, asshole!!!" Faith shouted angrily as she ran over to finish what she had started, slamming her foot into the officer's back when he tried to get up. "Shouldn't you have a license for being that ugly!?! I hope all your bacon burns—forever!!!" she ranted as she repeatedly kicked him over and over again, stomping mercilessly on his face.

"Faith... Faith!!" Hope shouted, having just finished untying the other girls.

"Wut!?" Faith snapped, giving one more stomp for good measure before turning to look at her sister. She suddenly realized the fighting had stopped, and everyone else was staring at her rather awkwardly.

"Um, I think you got him," Hope said, sweat-dropping, as she pointed out the sorry state her opponent was in. He was barely breathing and looked just about ready to assume room temperature. "Any more, and you'll kill him... and we don't want that, do we?" she reminded her sister pointedly.

"... We don't?" Faith asked with a frown, furrowing her brow slightly. "Oh." She glanced back at the officer and stared down at him for a moment. "... 'Future funds' this!!" she yelled, stomping down on his crotch with all her might, grinding in her heel.

"GYAAAAAAAAaaaaaaah....!!!!!" the man's scream of anguish echoed across the plains. The pain was so intense that he blacked out and lost consciousness.

"Phew~!" Faith said with a satisfied smile as she wiped the sweat from her brow, looking extremely refreshed. "Okay, I feel a lot better! Ah, but I seriously need to pee now..." she said, sweat-dropping as it suddenly hit her how long she had been holding it in, since they had grabbed her before she could do her business. "I guess I'll just go in the carriage!" she said, hopping up into the empty vehicle for some privacy. Nothing like adding insult to injury! Hope also sweat-dropped, smiling wryly, as she shook her head at her sister's antics. Faith was such a honey badger...

'S-Scary...!!' all the men present thought as they watched and beads of sweat slid down the sides of their faces.

"Huh...? What should we do?" Aladdin asked worriedly. "We lost sight of onii-san and the others. And I think I heard a scream just now..."

"That's no good. Stop, Aladdin," Baba said calmly. "My eyes can't see, and yours can't read the stars. The plain is vast, so we'll end up getting lost. We will wait for Dorji and the others from a position where we can see the fire of the village."

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