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We pulled up to Domino's and went inside. We walked up to the front desk to see a nice looking man buff white man looking at his nails.

Me- Hey excuse

Buff guy- Oh yes girl . Welcome to Domino's may I take your order.

He said smaking his gum.
Jahseh looked at him crazy then me.

Me- Yes um may I have One medium sausage and green pepper pizza and one Large Pepperoni pizza please.

Buff guy- Yes mam and bye the way your eyebrows are poppin girl.

He said snapping his fingers. Then he looked at Jahseh and slid his hand on his arm and said.

Buff guy- anything for you
He said suductivly . I didn't do nun cause honestly this shit funny.

Jah snatched his arm away and said.

Jah- Nahh bruh ion go that way.
Then he walked away.

I laughed and said
Me- how much will that be sir.

Buff guy- it will be $21.95 girl ..u want some free cookies they just came out and ain't nobody here.

Me- Yes thank you.
I said while taking the warm cookies from him.

I walked over to Jahseh who was in a booth by the window.

Me- U know he wanted that dagger dick right .
I say laughing with my eyebrows raised.

He flicked me off and went back to his phone texting somebody.

Me- OK fuck you I was just trynna lighten the mood dumb fuck.
I said taking the keys from off the table and walking away to the front desk to get MY pizza.

I said thank you and walked straight out the door and to my jeep not even caring if X followed me.

I unlocked the doors and hopped in the front seat and set the pizza in the passenger seat.

I put the keys in the ignition waiting g for Jahseh.

Finally he came but he was on the phone. He put the pizza in his lap and sat in the passenger seat.

Jah- OK........OK I'm not........ Why tf would I lie.....OK......love you too bae.....bye.

Idk why but my heart felt weird like it was burning and shattering. I mean I knew deep down I still had love for him but not to where it'll hurt me.

The whole car ride was silent except for the songs playing on the radio. It was first day out by Tee Grizzly.

I was mumbling the words until I arrived at my destination.
It was an old smoothie shop I knew well . I grabbed the pizza and headed twords the back of the building still not talking to him. I walked fast in the dark SK he wouldn't see tears slipping from my face. I wiped it fast cause I felt like a pussy.

Long story short I climbed the top of the building and so did he the silence was annoying . I couldn't stand to hear him breath and I was tired of taking pictures.

 I couldn't stand to hear him breath and I was tired of taking pictures

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