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taehyung's eyes fluttered open, squinting instantly due to the blinding lights casted down onto him

taehyung's eyes fluttered open, squinting instantly due to the blinding lights casted down onto him.

where am i?

he attempts to sit up on the strange bed he was atop of, but cries out when a sharp pain shoots across the entire expanse of his body. "shit," he hissed, letting himself fall back onto the mattress underneath him.

carefully hoisting himself up with his elbows, he observes his surroundings cautiously to discover that everything was white. he glances down at his uniform and sees a red substance plastered all over it.


he tries to recall the events that might've occurred previously but failed to remember anything clearly — with the only memory being how he felt himself being gently carried by somebody before he passed out.

soon enough, the lavender-haired male concluded that he was currently, for whatever reason, in a hospital. however, he gets proven wrong almost immediately by a loud noise as the room's door gets flung open, revealing a panting jimin who was clad in his school uniform as well, meaning that taehyung must've lost consciousness not that long ago.

"tae!" a wide smile quickly spreads across the elder's face once he sees his best friend looking at him with those glimmering doe eyes. "you're okay!" he exclaims with relief whilst rushing over to taehyung.

"chim," taehyung greets, equally as happy since his first visitor luckily turned out to be his close friend. "what happened? why am i in this place? why does my body feel so weird? is this my blood?" he bombards.

"woah, slow down," jimin says, chuckling. "i'll explain later, alright? right now, what's important is that you continue resting. your body is still quite overwhelmed from what happened. oh, and the only thing i will tell you is that you're in the nurse's office."

taehyung pouted at the response. "but how can i possibly rest when i don't even know what happened to me in the first place?"

"i know," the other boy sighed. "but just please try to rest more. i promise i'll take you out for ice cream if you listen to me," he adds, grinning from ear to ear.

taehyung perks up at the mention of ice cream. "fine, but it's because you promised!" he announces, getting ready to pull the discarded blanket back over his upper body when the door gets hurled open harshly for the second time.

the only different thing was that it was jungkook this time.

jimin growled at the sight of jungkook, anger pulsing through his veins. on the other hand, taehyung was simply shocked at how absolutely distressed the younger looked as he stood in the doorway with concern written all over his face that seemingly melted away as he spotted taehyung's awoken state.


"you fucking dick, i knew i should've never trusted you!" jimin threw a punch at the ravenette before he got to let out a single word. taehyung gasp at the sound of the impact and how jungkook groaned, stumbling backward at the hard hit. "how dare you show your face here after what you caused taehyung to go through!"

"jimin, wait!" taehyung shouts, cursing himself for being unable to physically do anything else except using his words.

"do you have any idea how fucking hurt taehyung was when hoseok-hyung found him? he was on the verge of life, you piece of shit!" jimin resumed, ignoring taehyung's pleads and directed another punch to jungkook's face.

"jimin! stop, please!"

jimin halts his movements at the broken cry of taehyung's voice as he hurriedly whipped his head around to see taehyung sobbing on the bed. "tae," the senior with the orange locks softly spoke, retracting his hand from further attacking jungkook.

jungkook coughed, rubbing his cheeks and jaw, clicking his tongue when he noticed that it'll probably bruise soon. damn, who could've guessed that midgets can pack such a punch?

"p-please stop fighting," taehyung begged, face buried in his hands while stray tears escaped from between the gaps of his shaky fingers.

jimin forces himself to calm down in favor of taehyung, dropping his head at the fact that he stupidly forgot how much his friend hated violence. "i'm sorry, tae," he mumbles, throwing one last look at the crying male and a final glare at jungkook and then reluctantly leaving the room, not wanting to stay in there any longer in case if he loses control again.

silence got draped over the room, with nothing exchanged between the remaining two students except for the occasional sad sob from taehyung.

a minute or so later, light footsteps started to approach taehyung's bed. taehyung lifted his head back up and his eyes widened when he processed jungkook's condition.

"you-you're bleeding," taehyung choked out, realizing the immense amounts of damage he's indirectly done to jimin and jungkook.

"i'm so happy that you're awake," jungkook faintly states, crouching down so that he could be eye-to-eye leveled with the other. he gently reaches for taehyung's hand and holds it in his own, biting down on his lower lip nervously when taehyung doesn't make haste to pull away. "fuck, i'm so sorry. tae, i—you're in this room because of me, and shit, i don't know what i can do to fix what i caused. i really had no idea that jackson would do something like that," he pauses, fingers curling tighter around dainty smaller ones. "i'm so sorry. you have every right to hate me now. heck, i probably don't even deserve your forgiveness or—"

"you're goddamn bleeding, kookie," taehyung stopped jungkook's rant and slowly reaches for the younger's bruised face with his free hand, no longer crying nor sobbing now that dark red has occupied his vision. "stop worrying about me — oh god, the bleeding is getting worse. where's the school nurse when you need her? oh my god," he dramatically complains, unintentionally bringing a tiny smile up onto jungkook's lips.

"you... called me kookie," jungkook breathes out in disbelief after a couple of long seconds.

taehyung frowns. "y-yeah, i did," he confirmed awkwardly, turning his head to the side and pulling his hand out of jungkook's grasp to avoid looking into his menacing orbs. "s-so what if i did? if you don't like it then just say so already, jerk."

"i like it," jungkook replies, catching taehyung off-guard as the older lad turns back around to be met with a beaming ravenette. "i like it so much, tae. in fact," he trails off, simultaneously stretching out for taehyung's hand again.

"you should call me kookie from now on," he finishes with a smirk.

"you should call me kookie from now on," he finishes with a smirk

a/n: hoseok was the one who saved tae huEhUEHUEHUE

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