Planning-chapter 15

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Cancer p.o.v

"So what do you want to do guys?" Aquarius spoke throwing out a bunch of pamphlets of stuff to do "do we have to do something after this week I'm pretty tired" Leo sighed "yes we are doing something now have a look" Sagittarius shoved him a pamphlet while he rolled his eyes and had a look "what about the beach?" I suggested showing them a picture of the crystal clear beaches a couple people nodded "ehhh nah" Gemini said she showed us a picture of a modern building "what is it?" Libra asked "it's the international fashion district we're a lot of famous fashion designers work we would be able to look at their work and there's a bunch of designer shops" she explained all the boys grimaced at the thought "sounds good Gemini" Sagittarius said Gemini shot her a look and ignored it "yeah it doesn't sound that bad" Taurus agreed "NO we are NOT going to that" Pisces yelled they boys nodded "ugh fine what do YOU want to do" Gemini sighed "let's go to the water park!" Leo cheered Virgo laughed "dude how old are you?" He sniggered "not to old for a water park" he murmured while we all laughed " ok guys seriously what are we gonna do?" Capricorn said after we all stopped laughing "well we could just lounge about here?" Virgo tried but he got a bunch of evil looks from the girls "or not" he said backtracking "hey guys there's a carnival going on why don't we have a look around there?" Libra suggested "yeah why not it's better than looking at clothes and playing with little kids in water" Aquarius said shooting a look at Leo smirking he rolled his eyes "yeah let's do that " he said we all nodded "well it's a afternoon carnival and it goes on until 11:00 so we could leave at 3:00 and stay for a while" cancer read "yep sounds good" Aries agreed "alright girls come to my room I'm getting you all nice carnival dresses" Gemini bounced "what" libra said giving her a dead look "why do we need a 'carnival' outfit?" Taurus said rolling her eyes "BECAUSEEEEEEE NOW MOVE MOVE MOVE " she screamed making them move "fine fine fine were going we're going" Aquarius said blocking her ears.

Gemini p.o.v

I pulled out 6 mini dresses "take your pick ladies" I said giggling snatching away the pink flower one they all had a look and took the one they wanted "uh will this suit me?" Cancer asked showing her black flower dress she picked "yes of course it will look adorable on you!" Sagittarius screeched. Ok thanks Gemini I'll take this to my room to try it on I'll see you guys at 3" Aquarius waved bye and walked to her room "same here bye bye" cancer waved with Taurus "bye girls" I smiled "thanks Gemini I can always rely on your taste in fashion" libra smiled and walked out. Then it was just me and Sagittarius "Gemini?" She started "yeah?" " well I just wanted to say I'm sorry" she said her voice shaking I narrowed my eyes at her "you heard it all didn't you" I spat she nodded "I didn't know you felt like that" she was going to continue but I stopped her "oh you didn't know?! The way you treated me I was an annoying puppy to you... and you didn't know?!" I laughed coldly "look Gemini I'm sorry" she said again "ok" I said turning away to close my closet "I wan to make things up to you yknow" she said "ok then go get my books give them to me" she did it and handed me my books "now put them back" I gave them back she looked confused and put them back "now get my books" she huffed and got them "put them back" she put them back and stopped "why do I have to do this" she puffed "because that's what it felt like you telling me to go away and when I came back you made me do your dirty work and every time I came back you made me go back gets tiring doesn't it?" I said crossing my arms she hung her head "I'm so so so sorry please forgive me I was happy to have you I just didn't show it" she sighed "look Sagittarius I only want to be friends if you treat me equally and fair" I explained "yes I know that now" she cried I softened "I'm sorry" she said again and she walked over and hugged me.

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