Class-Chapter 13

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Sagittarius p.o.v

"What class do you have saggi??" Gemini asked eagerly "English why" I said rolling my eyes, Gemini was great but she was always so.... happy and annoying and talkative ugh she got on my nerves sometimes "oh just wondering I have maths" she said flopping I smirked "well bye" she sighed pushing her way into her class I raised my eyebrow at her and kept on walking to the end of the hall were my class was. On the way their I bumped into Scorpio who had the same class "hey Scorpio" I cheered he looked at me and rolled his eyes and ignored my greeting "well someone's in a bad mood"I said eyeing him, he scoffed and walked into class I followed he sat on a far table at the end leaning into his chair sighing I stood there considering my options either sit alone or sit with a grump. I sat with Scorpio at least it won't look like I'm alone and I'll get some quiet. I plonked next to him and took out my book writing in the date. "Hey weirdos" Luke appeared and sat next to me grinning "hey" I said smiling "uh hey I was wondering if you could do me a favour" he said eying me "yeah what" he bent over and whispered it to me. "Oh sure" I said flatly

Taurus p.o.v

I never knew studying the 6 queen of England could be so boring I though I would enjoy all the new things to learn but nope this is as boring as watching paint dry on a rainy day. The teacher breathed a big breath that left the class in an awkward silence a couple kids smirked I looked at Pisces who was sitting in front of me he rolled his eyes and laughed.

Gemini p.o.v

Ugh I'm trying to concentrate on this lesson but Sagittarius can't leave my mind how she treats me like an annoying dog and then no matter how much I want to tell her how I feel I can't bring my self to do it the thought of her rolling her eyes at me and scoffing telling me not to be so dramatic. Damn it it's only the 1st week here and I'm already ready to go home.

Leo p.o.v

I saw Gemini gazing off loosing concentration in the lesson I couldn't blame her this lesson was about as interesting as my leg hairs loosing colour. Yes I notice these things. I looked over to cancer she was writing down the lesson and homework tasks while almost falling asleep. This is going to be a long 2 years.

Virgo p.o.v

"Oh my god" I heard libra sigh under her breath "what?" I said questioning "this is so boring why would I need to learn the angles of a dodecagon what is a dodecagon??" She cried I laughed and rolled my eyes "just imagine a whole more 2 years to go" I teased she gave me a dead look and sighed.

Aquarius p.o.v

"Class dismissed" the grey woman sighed "finally I'm starving" I cheered "mind if I get some food with you?" Capricorn said Cooley "sure " I replied "that was not as bad as I though it was going to be" he said nodding " hmm yeah but still not my choice of spending my day doing" I said sighing "well yeah I agree with that" he laughed.

Aries p.o.v

Jeez after that class I need a hell of a sandwich. I walked to the cafeteria were I saw Gemini standing alone lost in thought I smoothed my hair back. What? I've taken a liking to her she's so sweet and bouncy I think she's adorable. "Hey gem!" I called she jumped "w..wh..what?!" She stammered as she jolted out of thought "are you eating?" I said "yeah" she said a bit flatly "well cmon let's eat the lesson I had was pretty ordinary" I joked she would usually giggle at anything I said but she just smiled weakly and went up to the line for food. I stood there confused and followed her "are you ok?" I said scratching my neck, she turned around and gave me a cold look "yes why?" She said fast "oh well something seems to be worrying you" I said all of a sudden feeling dumb while I was under her cold gaze "well I'm fine thanks for asking" she walked up and got her food and payed walking away to a table were everyone else was. I got a Coke and a sandwich and walked over to the table and sat next to Leo and Virgo. "How was class?" Pisces asked. As soon as the question popped we all launched into a story soon the table was filled with yelling voices. Gemini sat quiet and ate her food watching everyone with weary eyes."hey cancer what do you think of Luke?" Sagittarius asked wiggling her eyebrows cancer looked surprised "oh um he seems alright" she said quietly "really he fancies you yknow" she smirked cancer eyes widened "really?" She awed "yep so next time you see him give him a wave eh?" She laughed cancer nodded smiling to her self.

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