Costume shopping- chapter 11

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Scorpio p.o.v

"SCORPIO LETS GOOOOO" a girl screamed at my door "ffffffff...." I cursed her under my breath "GET UP OR ELSE ILL GET LIBRA AND AQUARIUS TO KICK THIS DOOR DOWN!!" She fired "mmmmfmmffffffffffine" I sighed I didn't want my door to be kicked down "yeah I knew he would give into that" Sagittarius powered. I rolled my eyes and got dressed quickly. I opened the door to reveal Sagittarius crossing her arms all the boys looking dead inside and the rest of the girls bouncing around "I've never been shopping before!" Cancer squealed "oh your missing out on SO much" Gemini assured clapping."ugh let's just go and get it over with" I sighed "lighten up it'll be fun" Sagittarius said stubbornly " sure " I rolled my eyes she scoffed at me " how are we getting there anyways?" Pisces piped up " lucky this school provides cars and drivers to take you everywhere" Sagittarius explained "right let's go already" Virgo huffed "ok then move it people MOVE IT!" Sagittarius ordered

Taurus p.o.v
"Ok it'll be 4 people in each car" the drivers said. We all got into groups it was two girls and boys in each group-




We hopped in the car I squeezed in next to cancer facing Virgo "why do we have to go to this stupid party up in Orion we didn't have to worry about these things" Pisces sighed rolling his eyes "yeah I find it annoying that we have to worry about popularity" cancer agreed I nodded and looked out the window I saw so many people bustling around running,walking,jogging,cycling all passing each other not barging into one another I found it so fascinating."right kiddos here we are the mall enjoy I'll be here waiting to take you back" the driver smiled "thanks" I smiled and opened the door and went to were the others were waiting "finally you guys are here let's gooooooo" cancer ran into the big building filled with other humans chatting with each other "well let's follow her before she gets lost" libra laughed we all headed to the door once we were inside a million shop signs advertised for us to have a look everyone looked around gaping on how many shops there were "guys let's just get to the costume place over there" Scorpio pushed pointing out a shop "THE JOKERS WARDROBE" we all jogged to it with Aquarius and Pisces in the front racing to get in first. I got in and wow there was enough costumes for all the people in the mall to wear there were racks and racks of them some on plastic people. "Let's go if anyone needs help I'll be over in the partner bit with Leo" Sagittarius laughed dragging the scared Leo with her "we'll see yous on the other side" Aquarius laughed and walked off I went off into a section and looked at all the options.

Cancer p.o.v
I've been looking for ages and I can't decide on either the princess on or a fox so I decided to ask someone. I walked to the front and saw all the boys and Sagittarius there waiting for us to finish they had bought their costumes and were looking bored "um Sagittarius?" I asked nervously she kinda intimidated me "yes?" She sighed "can you help me?" He eyes lit up "can I? Of course" she bounded up to me "which costume should I pick out of these two?" I handed her them both "hmm... definitely the princess one I think you'd look ADORABLE in it" she smiled twirling her hair "ok thanks Sagittarius" I thanked and put the fox one away and bought the princess one by the time I had bought it the others had finished looking and had gotten theirs. "Well I'm getting back to my dorm before I fall asleep"

Well next chapter you can see what they are wearing and there so cute!

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