Bedore the meeting-chapter 8

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Pisces p.o.v
I blinked yawning the sun shined through my curtains blasting my face with warmth I stretched rubbing me eyes. We have a welcome meeting in the auditorium today every students had to attend and all new students had to stand on stage and say hello to the school. Just want I want a bunch of judgemental kids giving me a sad look laughing at me. I got up and went to the closet.. I'll have to wear something that didn't look snobby but not scruffy. After searching I picked out a stripy t-shirt and some jeans throwing a blue jacket over it all.

I ran out my door quickly fixing my hair into a style, that said "casual but classy" or maybe just "I'm in a rush" I locked my door and walked down the hall to the common area we're all my friends were waiting with a couple of other new kids watching us wearily. "Hey Pisces" Virgo called he was lounging in a fancy white couch with Scorpio next to him "hey" I replied leaning on the wall by him. "Oh my gosh! Am I late?!" Gemini yelled running down the hall "no not at all your the first girl here" Capricorn yawned "phew I couldn't decide which top I should wear but I chose this nice flower one over my spotty one but then I thought about if I should wear a necklace but them I was like no that'll be to much but then I couldn't decide and then I looked at the time and BAM it was almost the meeting and I ran down here but now I realise I got the wrong time and now" she took a big breath "I'm here and talking to you guys and I'm totally not nervous about meeting the WHOLE school and now I'm having second thoughts about this outfit oh no it's to revealing no to much no no no" Gemini could talk like really talk "CALM! Sagittarius is here" a blonde head rushed into the room "has she talked your ears off yet I could hear her from my room?" The rest of the boys looked at Gemini mouths gaping open "I never knew someone could talk so much..." Leo exclaimed his eyes wide "yeah... she talks like that when she's nervous" Sagittarius laughed nervously "oh my gosh there going to think I'm so lame!" Gemini cried "noo you look great I love it" Sagittarius assured "you sure?" Gemini eyed her suspiciously "YESS what about MY outfit" She pouted Gemini switched looks to focused "I think the jersey is so cute especially with that top" she said with a serious look "thanks!" Sagittarius giggled and did a twirl "right were are the other girls this thing starts soon" Leo said clearing his throat scratching his neck "right here" the other four girls walked in "finally" Scorpio rolled his eyes "hey um are you guys all related?" A small girl from the corner asked "HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH no" Aquarius laughed "hella no" Aries snapped "oh sorry I was just wondering" she backtracked "oh no problem we're just all friends" cancer smiled "lucky I haven't got any here" she said rolling her eyes "aww you can hang with us" Taurus said giving her a sympathetic look "thanks! What's your names" she said smiling we all gulped and looked at each other. She would be suspicious of our names "uhh what's YOUR name hah" Capricorn rushed "oh um..its poppy" she said shyly "and IM Leo" he winked she blushed and looked at the ground. Sagittarius frowned and shot her a death glare saying 'he's my man' poppy blushed more.
I rolled my eyes "all new students please report to the hall foyer" a loud speaker called
"Well let's go" libra hurried we followed.

Authors note
Hope you liked that I'm going to add some new characters like poppy as you read (I hope) but next chapter I'll introduce some new characters and what the signs are wearing to the meeting. So look forward to that :)

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