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“He’s staring at you again,” Belle whispered from beside me.

I glanced at the table in front of us to see Hayden’s piercing blue eyes looking at me. as soon as we made eye contact he looked away. My heart skipped a beat, was he really looking at me?

It’s been over half a year now with the two of us sharing these glances. ever since that hiking trip we took last summer break with me, Belle, belle’s boyfriend Chris, Travis, Zoe and Hayden things were a little different.

We would smile at each other, or I sometimes catch him looking my way; but we never talked. The fact that he was a senior in high school and I a lowly joiner did have the annoying effect that we didn’t run in the same crowd. The only connection we had was that my best friend was dating his.

At first I just ignored those glances because come on i had nothing special going for me. I was plain; I had dark brown hair with matching brown chocolaty eyes, and a normal healthy girl’s figure. I was the definition of average.

Yet here was the hottest guy in our school paying the slightest attention to me. I thought about asking Belle to ask Chris, if Hayden was interested in me in anyway. Because the truth is I had the biggest crush on him. I mean who wouldn’t he was hot!

He had a perfectly molded body with a defined six pack. Gorgeous blue eyes that you could melt in, and the light brown hair that you just want to run your fingers through. But the idea of asking Chris if Hayden was into me was out of the question.

What if he wasn’t? I would make a complete fool of myself in front of everyone.

So this is the only thing I could do, just sit here every day in front of him the cafeteria and give him shy looks. I felt like a total loser for obsessing over him, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

“Why don’t you just talk to him?” Belle asked as we got up and headed for our fourth period.  “Come on Sara, you obviously like him. What’s the worst he could do?” I turned around to face her and sighted.

“Well he could laugh in my face, or gag at the idea of us dating, or he could just walk away,” I stated all the options and gave her a tight smile.

She just shook her head at me and her green eyes locked on mine. “Or he could say that he actually likes you, too. Why can’t you just be positive for once?” I shrugged my shoulder and went into class.

Three hours later and I was washing the dishes, while Zoe and Belle painted their toes by the kitchen table.

“Wow thank you so much for helping me, no don’t get up all just do all the washing,” I said sarcastically as I reached for the last dish. They both just ignored me completely; until Belle’s phone rang and she quickly answered it.

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