Mister: Tell me No.(Re-edited~)

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            "LET ME GO!" I hollered. My hands fiddled with the ropes that enclosed my wrists. "No can do, Chris." A gruff low voice replied. He knew I dislike that name. Chris sounded like the name of a guy. I let my friend, Sophia call me so long as she let me nicknamed her Soph. What irked her was that it sounded like soap when her name was hollered across the campus.

             Meet Jake Austin. He was one of those guys who crave attention and if you had done something wrong, he would never forgive you until you are completely humiliated. Rumours had it that a girl had to transfer school because of him. His auburn eyes spell bounded girls into being his personal dogs.

            Nevertheless, his cleft chin and glossy strawberry brown hair gave the image of a mature, sexy male. Had that statement only been true, it would have save me a lot of trouble. "Can't we leave this battle for another day?" I struggled to remove them but Jake's rough hands brushed over mine to tighten the ropes.


Hinted a malicious smile, a smile when the predator has when he acquired his victim right where he wanted. Rather than making me swoon over him like the girls in our school do when HE was in a four feet radius of the school, it made me stronger. Ever since he taunted me, we had several games of cat and mouse.

         I stood there back against the rigged sycamore tree tied to it with ropes. The misty-deciduous scent filled my lungs as the wind rustled. Clear liquid tumbled from my eyes. Goosebumps were forming on my limbs because of my uniform was composed of a black and red plated skirt, a navy/light blue blazer and white t-shirt. Leaves, both orange-yellow and scarlet left their parents and now lay on the ground without a care.

            "I can't believe you are making such a big deal, of THAT one event."

      Knowing me, you would think the reason why the school's player was ganging up on me had been due to being a nerd. But, I knew otherwise and he did too.

               A**holes never stood alone. They always had accomplices. Even being after school, Jake had followers and personal servants rather. Matt, his friend with short brown shaggy hair waited for Austin to finish what needed to be done today. We were just in the courtyard of the Haizen High, our school near a deciduous forest, why did he need people revolving around him all the time? His long slender fingers grabbed the end locks of my hazel hair and put it close to nose inhaling my scent.

“Fruity.” He smiled and glanced at my mocha eyes and my face burned like a flame had been ignited. “S-s-shut up!” My words stumbled from my mouth.

         “Sh*t! Jake. Let’s go!” Matt whispered. He was just Jake’s guard dog. How cute. When raising a finger in the air and his face began to turn rosy. “Come on. Come on… Sheisnotworthit,” with rapid mumbles he spoke and pulled Jake from me. The auburn eyes flashed red.

            “Hold on! For a frickin’ minute!” Jake treated his friends like this that was no surprise. The boy cowered with fear as he put his hands over his ears to brace Jake’s voice impact. Jake took a last glance at me. With the smug look, he stomped on my foot with his Gucci’s Black Leather Shoes.

His eyes returned to their color. “Mark my words Chris, this ain’t over.” With that he departed with Matt whose eyes watched the granite floor. They left me. Alone.If it hadn’t for Sophia, I wouldn’t come to school. This school was on the suburbs of Manhattan; a school for those with prestige families with daughter/son who were rejects. Students here are the most selfish, haughty and arrogant people you would ever encounter. Birds of a feather will flock together.

       The sun sunk plunging the forest into the dusk.


        My helpless cries never worked on the several accounts I tried to do so. Damn! Only if I had read on WikiHow: How untie yourself from ropes article. My head fell forward as my ray of light faded. For moments, I looked at the moon and its glistening beauty. Until.

         Rustles of bushes made my heart skip beats like it was jumping up and down the hurdles. “Who is there?” I muttered. My body damp with perspiration. As the movement drew closer, I screamed. Was it a) it an animal most likely werewolves like those cliché novels or b) a rapist?

          My jaw hung. No way. He had the beauty that radiant the night sky. Eyes widen and would have dropped from my eye socket hadn’t they been connected to the arteries/veins. His beauty blinded all the thoughts of revenge of Jake Austin. I stood before a Greek God; a guy perfectly sculpture by the Creator himself. His presence imprisoned me into a realm with only him and me.

          That face, I can’t believe I didn’t recognize it. “You! You’re Damian Archer” I exclaimed pointing at him. Damian Archer contrary to Jake, he never spoke a soul to anyone. His voice was currently unknown and his appearance had composed of faded jeans and a dark hoodie which he enclosed himself in. Teachers pitied him. They left him alone. Never would I know he looked like this…

          Complementing his face, his ruffled jet black hair held a tad of milk chocolate brown highlights. His short bangs slightly covered his eyebrows giving him that mysterious look. Two azure blue orbs could be seen as gazing upon the endless ocean blue sea. His nose was defined and lay beneath his full peach lips was a seductive cleft chin that completed his masculine look.

          Today, he was different then usually. His Adam’s apple blobbed up and down. The voice that enchanted me; the voice that nobody had ever heard spoke,

          “What are you doing here?”

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