The Glam

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Prompt: Amelia Judas is a famous singer and her girlfriend is Emilia Fielding, a tiny goth girl that loves the wiccan lifestyle.

Amelia sat on her couch, bored and lonely, waiting patiently for her girlfriend to come home for work. She looks at the clock and groans.

Seriously it's only been 5 minutes??

She sighs and slumps against the couch, grabbing the remote and changing the channel.

"No cooking or I'll get hungry." She mutters out. She stops on E! and turns up the volume.

"And this is the first time your be interviewing right Mike?" Nicole ask, the guy and he nods at her and the camera smiling widely.

"Yes! And I'm incredibly excited! Got my tux and tie pressed and ironed hanging up all ready to go for Sunday!" He says excitedly, both ladies giggling and smiling.

"Who are you most excited to interview?" Ashley the other reporter there asks.

"Amelia Judas! Oh my god! My wife and I blast her music in the car and at home and hopefully I'll be able to interview her. Her music is really amazing and you can tell it comes from deep down." He says smiling and blushing the ladies poking his cheeks.

"Well lets hope she sees this! Amelia if your watching let Mike here interview you please!" Nicole looks into the camera and Amelia giggle and nods. She's beem interviewed by them many times and everytime, they've been the sweetest.

"Did you know that she might have a new girl though?" Ashley tells them, her eyebrow raising and nodding. Amelia leans closer to the t.v. getting suddenly interested. No one really knew she had a girlfriend and but have been seen together as friend's mostly. Mostly because Emilia was dubbed as 'just a friend' because of her appearance. And it mostly pissed Amelia off because her fans were telling her that she was just using her for money. Emilia just pecked her girlfriends cheek and told her not to worry.

"Yea they would make a cute couple. And up next we are looking into Kim Kardashian's rumored fourth pregnancy!" Ashley tells the camera smiling and it fades out and then to a cat litter commercial.

Her phone buzzes from the table and she groans when she sees her manager's picture on the screen. She contemplates answering it but does it anyways not wanting to get yelled at.

"Can't I just get a day where I can't be bothered by you?" She whines into the phone, making Morgan giggle.

"Well hello to you too princess." Amelia rolls her eye's and sighs.

"What do you need Morgan, Emilia's gonna be home soon."

"Wow, I though you loved me." Morgan tells her, her voice breaking up.

"Morgan!!" Amelia yells giggling.

"Okay! Okay, geez louise! I need to know if Emilia was gonna be your plus one or not, y'know taking your friend to the VMA's is a pretty nice thing." Morgan chuckles and Amelia cringes when she say's 'her friend'. Amelia and Emilia's relationship was only known between them. They didn't want anyone to know yet so they hid it and now they've been together for eight month's.

"Um, I'm gonna have to get back at you with that cause I'm not sure." She tells her as she gets up and goes to the kitchen.

"You mean you haven't told her at them? Or even asked?"

"No, I have and she knows but she really hasn't given me an answer." She tells Morgan as she grabs a cupcake out of the fridge.

"We can get Tre-"

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