"Little sore. But ok." I said

"Good!" She wrote down something.

"Now. Are you having any abdominal pain? Bleeding?" She asked.

"I haven't gotten up to see. But no abdominal pain. Why?" I asked.

"Well generally when a women looses a baby you feel some-" she began.

"Whoa! What baby?!?" I asked panicked!

"Well. You were pregnant. You did know that correct?" She asked.

"Obviously not!" I shouted.

I began to breathe heavily, tears forming.

A baby! My baby!

I couldn't stop crying.

"I'll leave you be for a moment. Do you want them back in?" She asked.

I shook my head. I needed time to process. A baby!

She quietly shut the door.

I heaved a sob. I began crying and screaming. Looking down at my stomach. How could I not have known!

A knock came at the door. I wiped my face.

"Come in!" I said weakly.

Hannah peaked her head in. I sobbed harder.

"Babe! What's the matter? I could try and get Destery down here if you-" I cut her off.

"I was pregnant." I shouted.

She stared at me. Stone faced.

"What?" Nathan asked, suddenly appearing in the doorway.

"Nathan! You can't say anything to Destery!" I begged.

"Kaitlin! He's my best friend! And that was his baby too! He deserves to know!" He shouted.

"I know! But he can't! Not yet." I said.

"Nate! If she doesn't want him to know, he's not gonna! And if he does find out through you, I swear to go I will bring the wrath of 20 rednecks down on you!" She threatened. Lame, but still she meant well.

He nodded. And backed out of the room.

"I want to go home." I mumbled.

"Don't worry! The doctors said they'd let you out in a couple days. Then we'll get you settled." She comforted.

"No. I mean back to Tennessee. At least for a little while." I told her.

"Back to Tennessee? Why?" She asked.

"I need to think for a while." I said.

"I need you to get my stuff and have it ready for me when I get out of here. I'll have my mom take me." I told her.

She nodded. I could see the sadness welling in her eyes. She didn't want me to go. But I had to. If I wanted to stay sane I had to get away for a while.


Over the next couple days Hannah brought my stuff a little at a time. Not all of it. She left the big stuff. Since I would be coming back.

Finally the doctors said I could be released. They carted me off in a wheel chair a handed me my crutches. I settled in the car while my mom loaded my stuff in back.

"Let's go home baby." She rubbed my knee.

I didn't know where home was anymore.


*Destery's P.O.V*

"She's gone." Hannah said. A sad look on her face.

I looked at her. Gone? She was supposed to be coming home soon. What does she mean gone.

"Gone where?" I asked.

"Back to Tennessee. She said she needs time to think." She said.

"Think about what? She knows I didn't cheat! She has to!" I shouted.

"It's not about that! She just needs some time on her own. To think things through." She explained.

What could she possibly have to think about.

All I could think is how she should be with me. I should be propping her leg up and getting her food. Kissing her telling her I'm glad she's ok.

Telling her I love her. Watching tv, laughing. I miss her laugh.

The room feels so empty and gray now.

"And you just let her go!?" I shouted.

"It's not like I had a choice! She just lost her baby for Christ-" she stopped. And covered her mouth.

"What?" I snapped.

She walked away.

But I heard what she said.

A baby. My baby. Mine and Kaitlin's baby. Gone. And now so was Kaitlin.


* Hope you like it!!! To e honest it wasn't planned. But just the same, I hope you like it!*

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