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I sit here staring at a white sheet of paper and I can help my self but to compare it to my life. But then I realize that my life has never been white.

Let me count out some of the things I have been trying to hide. I really don’t know why I’m here and I’m staring to fear.

 Am I a boy or a girl? I feel lost in this world. Do I smile? Do I cry? Why do I feel so angry inside? Is it me? Is it you?

 With every corner I turn I stumble a long. Waiting my turn for this downfall that is taking to long. With a pass black as the night sky, oh honey you better think twice or you’ll pay the price.

 Wishing I could run and hide but there is no time. Take that gun and run along; kill them all they are already gone.

 Take their life take their soul, slowly you’ll begin to fall. Fall out of your dream. Ha. You’ll never see me. I’m that light that never shines.

     I am dead but still alive. 

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