Emo Scene Queen

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Emo Scene Queen

chapter 1

As half as you know I'm Emo, with Emo Scene hair,blonde streaked with black and purple highlights, I realy usually don't cut my self often only when I'm pissed or so. I have a boyfriend he's also Emo.. ohh sorry I forgot to introudce myself my name is Hilary Roberts, I hate the name my parents gave me its sooo girly girl like ugggg! My favorite books include the Twilight saga, I love Edward and Rob... and damn are they fine!, sorry out of subject, anyway my other favorite books are Bram Stoker's Dracula, Morganville Vampires, House of Night series, Vampire Kisses, and Christopher Pike's Thirst. Well just say I love Vampires with their fangs(not that Edward Cullen has any) and their blood drinking ways, ohh to be a vampire or Mrs. Cullen or Mrs. Pattinson..sorry again. I have dark blue eyes,pale skin and a 'I don't give a care' attiude, I actualy don't know why I hang with Jennifer( my non Emo Girly Girl friend!) shes on Team Jacob, well I can be Mrs. Cullen and she can be Mrs. Black, and she can die and I can live forever! Anway out of the Twilight sesion, I live in LA, yes its strange for a girl who dosen't tan, I'm still in high school and have a dream to be Mrs. Pattinson, of coarse all my friends make fun of that dream.

''Bye Mom!'' I yelled, today's the last day of school and that means summer vacation and my contiuned search for Robert Pattinson( I'm not joking!). ''Why do you like him anyway!" my boyfriend Mike yelled ''who Rob?'' I asked throwing my books in my bag ''Yeah that Nub!'' he said rolling his brown eyes '' well hes hot and British and I'm a girl do the math!'' I said laughing, I would so dump Mike for Rob! ''I mean the Nubs not even Emo!'' he said pissed ''well I could teach him to be Emo!'' I said smiling ''soo you wold rather date that Nub!'' ''first off hes not a Nub!, second off hes hot well sexy I told you that!'' I said cutting him off, he grummbled off '' hey Hilary!'' said Jennifer with her perky voice ''you contiuning your search for Rob?'' ''Yea!'' I said rolling my eyes '' Jennifer you know me, not like Mike does!'' ''Sorry I thought with a boyfriend and all you'll'' ''I'll what quit!" I said cutting her off ''I won't quit untill I find him and kiss him hook up wit him soo yea Jennifer bye!''. When I got home my mom was wating for me at the door ''Honey one of your dads friends is comming over with his son so try to be good!'' she said smiling. When the doorbell rang ''Honey!'' my mom yelled, I walked down the wooden stairs to see a shocking surprise omg! Robert Pattinson hes here in my house, he's eyes meet my for once my heart melted.. Whoa did I just say something mushy love like Whoa to much Rob! He smiled he's smile I've seen on tv million of times before.

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