Chapter 1

Introducing Jessica 

I woke up expecting it to be another dull Monday. I never expected that it would change my life.

My alarm went off at seven, like it always does, and I screamed at it, like I always do. I lay in for another five minutes, listening to my favourite song on the radio, before dragging myself up and forcing myself out of bed.

I walked into the bathroom. Ugh! My hair looked like a scarecrow. I tied it back and went downstairs for breakfast.

“Good morning.” Dad said as he sat down at the dining room table.

I smiled and sat down.

"That bad?” He asked, chuckling. “Help yourself to the cereal,” He pushed the cereal containers towards me, “Or there’s some bread in the toaster.”

I put my head on the table. The toaster dinged. I got myself some toast, buttered it, and sat back down.

Dad had finished by now. He came to kiss me on the cheek. “Eat up Jessie!” He said, and walked upstairs.

I finished my toast and stomped upstairs.

Why did it have to be Monday? Couldn’t we just skip to Friday already?

I walked into my dressing room. That was one of the perks of having a big house, I had a room all to my clothes! I opened the smallest wardrobe, which contained my school uniform. I took out a shirt, and peaked outside to see if I should wear a skirt or trousers. It was sunny and dry. Good. Skirt it was then. I bent down to the drawer and got some underwear and my tie.

After I had dressed myself, I found a black cardigan and put it on, just in case there was a breeze.

I opened the door to the dressing room bathroom and went in to wash my face and brush my teeth. Then I grabbed my hairbrush. I fought through all the tugs in my hair, until it was reasonably normal and then I plugged my straighteners in.

While I was waiting on them heating up, I put some foundation on, and smoothed it in, until all my spots and blemishes had disappeared. Then I done my eyes, silver eye shadow, with black eyeliner and mascara. Then I put on some pink blusher and lip stick. I smiled. I looked a lot like my mum.

My straighteners beeped to tell me they were ready, and I started to straighten my hair. I had blonde hair, just like my mum had. And I had her brown eyes too.

My mum had passed away when I was just four years old from breast cancer, and my dad had never remarried, so it was just me and my dad in this big, empty house. It got pretty lonely sometimes, especially when my dad was working late, which was most days. That was the biggest downside to the house.

Dad knocked on the door, just as I was switching my straighteners off. He stuck his head round the door.

“That’s me away to work Jess.” He said. “Goodbye, love you.”

“Love you too, Dad.” I replied, and blew him a kiss.

I heard him run down the stairs and slam the front door. I looked out the window, just to make sure he was gone. He got in his car, and drove down to the gates. I went downstairs, into the Social Room, and switched the stereo on.

The Social Room is where we sit if there are visitors in the house. It has a flat screen TV, games systems, a laptop, a stereo and every other fancy gadget you could think of in it.

I ran my finger down the CD rack and found my favourite band. I put their latest CD on, and turned it up full. Just as I started dancing about the room, my cat, Lucy, ran into the room. She ran to me, and twisted in between my legs.