Chapter 42

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Inside Helm's Deep, people wander in to the caves. Husbands & sons are taken away from their wives & mothers & into the armoury. Weapons are handed out to the villagers. Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas & Miyuki walk through the crowds, looking at the people around them.

Aragorn: "Farmers, farriers, stable boys. These are no soldiers."

Gimli: "Most have seen too many winters!"

Legolas: "Or too few. Look at them. They're frightened. I can see it in their eyes."

He looks at Aragorn as the room turns silent.

Legolas: "Boe a hyn neled herain... dan caer menig (And they should be. Three hundred...against ten thousand)!"

Aragorn: "Si beriathar hyn ammaeg na ned Edoras (They have a better chance defending themselves here than in Edoras)."

Legolas: "Aragorn, men i ndagor. Hýn ú ortheri. Natha daged aen (They cannot win this fight. They are all going to die)!"

Aragorn: "Then I shall die as one them!"

The two stare angrily at each other. Turning, Aragorn walks away from the elf. Realising what he had done, Legolas tries to run after the man but is stopped by Gimli.

Gimli: "Let him go, lad. Let him be."


Miyuki: "It is unlike you to despair, Legolas."

Sitting alone at the side of the armoury, Legolas looks up to see Miyuki in front of him. She had not understood his argument with Aragorn but his tone of voice & Aragorn's final words were enough to give her some understanding. Sitting beside him, the two watch the men arming themselves.

Legolas: "These men are not soldiers. They are going to their deaths."

Miyuki: "Is that how you see it? I don't see it that way."

Legolas glances sideways at Miyuki in surprise.

Miyuki: "Old men, young boys - these men are no warriors. They are afraid. Yet at their King's order, they are taking up arms. They are prepared to fight for their homeland. For the ones they love. And those who have something to protect are strong."

Turning from Miyuki to look back at the men, Legolas suddenly sees what she had seen. The men were afraid, that much was clear. None of them were soldiers, yet they were prepared to fight for their King, their loved ones, for their home. He looks back to see Miyuki's green eyes watching him.

Legolas: "How? How can you think that way? When even you will be swallowed by the darkness, how can you hold onto the thought of victory?"

Shifting closer to the elf, Miyuki places a hand on Legolas' chest, over his heart.

Miyuki: "I believe. I believe in the small hope that the strength of these people will allow them to prevail. The future is not yet set in stone. If hope is not lost, we may yet have a chance."

Legolas: "Even for you?"

Miyuki looks steadily at the elf. She knows Legolas still held onto the hope that she could be saved. His hope was in vain. Even if the Rohirrim could prevail, she herself, could not escape her fate. Still, it would do no good if he lost faith now. She smiles at him.

Miyuki: "Maybe. If you believe so, maybe I have a chance."

Removing her hand, she stands up.

Miyuki: "We have trusted Aragorn this far & not once has he betrayed us. Go & mend your friendship. Or have you really lost hope in him, Legolas?"

She walks away, leaving the armoury. Legolas watches after her for a while. Then, standing, he goes to find Aragorn.

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