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Larissa is back in her own bed now

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Larissa is back in her own bed now.

But she can't sleep.

Col. Baldwin is in her room; his cold fingers are inside of her skull.

He is pulling out wires and bits of metal; replacing parts of her brain tissue with new inventions and devices made out of old parts he's found here and there.

Larissa has been operated on her before of course, but only ever in the laboratory, with the appropriate techniques to prevent any pain and suffering.

But... this... hurts. She can feel every bit of herself that is taken out and the new unfamiliar parts being forced in. But she understands the necessity of what he is doing, so she endures the trauma.

Larissa told her mom she was sick, and that she just wanted to sleep. She can hear a TV in the other room that covers the sounds in her room. There is a small drill, there is some humming, the occasional spark flying out of a point of contact.

Col. Baldwin has never been here before. He looks out of place outside of his lair underneath the park. It is a risk for him to be here like this, but the job must be done fast, and there is no time to delay...

Larissa is broken. And she needs to be fixed.

She hopes her head will heal in time for school tomorrow.

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