Chapter Twenty Nine|| A new beginning

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{Scarlett's POV} (A/N: I MADE THE TRAILER, IT'S ABOVE. It's just a character viewing basically but lit af.) 

I stood by Christian nervously as the camera was getting fixed up before us. We both stood in royal attire, crowns upon our heads. It felt so odd. The corset of this dress was smothering me and I felt like I'd pass out any minute. 

"You're on in!" The guy behind the camera motioned for us to continue. 

"Good evening. I am here with your queen today to address an issue that has come to my attention. The sectors have been attacked and ruined and many are questioning when they will be back up. The answer is never." Gasps were heard around us. 

"I'm ending the PS system. I am bringing up new alphas and plan to continue with new packs. People of sectors can stay in the pack they are in now or move to new ones as the others are built. That applies to people in packs too. Feel free to be able to move where you desire. Rogues will be given another chance to earn their spot back into a pack and redeem their name. This is a new beginning." Christian wrapped an arm around me and smiled. 

"A better beginning then we've previously had. This might come as a shock to you, but it is happening and nothing will be changed. This could be a new change in the war. This could change everything. No more shall people feel like they are better or worse than one another. No more shall people live in fear and poverty. We unite as one: a nation reborn." I said and Christian nodded. 

"More news will be given later on. Have a good night." The camera cut off and I sighed turning to Christian. 

"See it wasn't that bad." He said. 

"You're a blunt person. You didn't really even ease into it you were just like 'I'm ending it all'." I said in a deep voice and he let out a laugh. 

"Sometimes being blunt it the best way," he said and I nodded. 

"Well, then I can't breathe and I feel my lungs are going to be crushed from the corset." 

"I can help with that." He said grinning wrapping his arms around my waist. 

"Really now?" I asked and he just 'hmm'd picking me up and I let out a squeal as he tossed me over his shoulder easily. 

"Christian!" I scolded as he walked us towards the doors from the throne room. 

People looked at us amused and I sighed. 


After a long afternoon... the time had come. The time for us to live up to the promise we just announced.

Alara stood in front of me and Christian with a heated glare. 

"The deal still stands correct?" She asked and I nodded. 

"You have my word," I said to her and she looked at me and slowly nodded. 

"I trust you, not him." She said. 

"Christian," I said, nudging him and he sighed. 

"You have my word." He said and she nodded satisfied. 

"Are the soon-to-be alphas here?" She asked and he nodded. 

"Send them in." 

He looked like he was mind linking someone and soon the doors opened. My eyes widened taking in the three men who walked in. 

Alara's eyes widened and after a minute of hesitation, she ran jumping into one's arms who hugged her tightly. 

"I missed you so much." The man croaked out. 

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