CHAPTER-5 "Secrets unravelled"

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I got up after somewhat 2-3 hours. My whole body was aching because of the cold concrete floor. Just when I opened my eyes I noticed a very handsome and gorgeous man standing in the corner of the room staring at me. He was smiling so I passed him a smile too. After he figured out that I was awake and seeing my reaction he came close to me and sat on the floor

It was now that I realize that despite being extremely handsome and charming his eyes were full of sorrow.

"What is your name? Dear" he asked me. I blushed a little and said "Lisa" "nice name dear! " he said making me blush more

A moment of silence passed. He was now looking down on the floor thinking deeply and then he said " well my name is Jacques "

Then he looked at me and something caught his eyes and he stared at me with a blanked expression after some time he finally said

"So you've been turned" I looked up at him confused. "you see you have been turned............, ,into a vampire..."

His statement caught me off guard and I didn't know how to react to this whether to be scared to be confused or should I simply cry but I did nothing and stared at his face dumbfounded

Seeing my confusion he cleared his throat and began

" Noone is a vampire by birth, every vampire takes his or her time to be turned. A normal human being can be turned into a vampire by being bitten by another vampire and you see you've been bitten not every human being can be turned into a vampire. A bite will only affect the individual if he or she is chosen"

I understood why George bit me on my neck " This means that I am chosen,right?" I asked "yes absolutely" he stated the obvious

Curiosity began to swirl in me so I asked him "Why me???"

" because of you being the king's daughter" he said

. My jaw dropped on the floor after hearing this "WHAT!!!!!!!???" I yelled.  "I know that's a surprise for you but don't scream " Jacques said " You are  the one and only daughter of the king and his first wife. Due to some unfortunate incident you were lost and then we came to know that some old lady took you to foster home and later you were adopted by a couple  Julia Ryder and Anthony Ryder"

Now it all makes sense, I now finally knew why mom didn't love me. Jacques continued

"The majesty was happy that at least you got a nice and loving family to live with but then we came to know that after 2 months of you being adopted your father died in a car accident and your mom became a drug addict. Later we also came to knew that you were being a victim of domestic violence. His majesty got worried and decided that it was better for you to be turned into your own kind. That's why you were kidnapped " 

I was amused after hearing this story so then I said "If I am the daughter of the king so that would make me the princess so can I know why is the princess is locked in a cell"

Jacques chuckled after hearing this and said "You are indeed the princess and you will be presented in the court tomorrow morning, his majesty thought that it would be better for you to know about your past before being presented in the court"

I nod " Now If you want we can take you to your room" Jacques asked "yes please" I said holding the hand of Jacques and standing

I was surprised that I wasn't sad or scared by all this. I was kinda happy 

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