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Seokjin followed Hoseok to the door, fingers laced together with his. Hoseok brushed his thumb over the back of Seokjin's hand, and soon they were both standing at the door.

"I have to go now," Hoseok, his 23 years old boyfriend, said, turning so he was face to face with Seokjin.

Seokjin frowned. He had known Hoseok was going to leave at some point since Hoseok was a travel writer but he always dreaded it. Whenever the time came for Hoseok to go on a project, Seokjin started to miss him even before he left.

"Babe," Hoseok called, pulling Seokjin's hands that were in his. "Come on."

Seokjin looked away. He hated Hoseok leaving. He hated to be alone, especially without the man he had come to love and admire so much. He wished, sometimes, that Hoseok would change his job.

"Can't you change your job?" Seokjin finally spoke.

"Come on, babe. This isn't just my job, it's my life. You know how much I love what I do."

"Then what about me? Don't you love me?"

Hoseok's heart broke. Jin was at it again. They always went through the same conversation whenever he was about leaving for work. With Jin always doubting his love for him, when Hoseok, literally, couldn't live without Jin in his life.

"Of course, I love you, babe," Hoseok leaned in so their bodies would be touching, and kissed Jin's cheek. "I love you so much that's why I asked you to come with me."

"I hate flying, Hoseok," Seokjin pulled away from him. "But I want to be with you."


"Forget it. Just go. I'll call you," Jin said and turned around and began to walk to the living room.

Hoseok sighed. Don't do this now, Jin.

He dropped his suitcase and followed Jin. In 4 long strides he caught up with Jin and wrapped his arm around the older's waist, preventing him from walking anymore.

"Please, babe. It's just for 1 week," Hoseok begged, peppering kisses on Jin's neck. "Please, babe."

"Don't touch me, Hoseok," Jin said firmly.

"Don't be like this. You're going to make me worry," Hoseok pleaded, hoping Seokjin would turn around to see the concern and love in his eyes. "Babe.."

Seokjin ignored Hoseok and giving up, Hoseok let go of Jin's waist.

"I love you," Hoseok turned around and walked to the door, he picked up his suitcase and left the house.

Hoseok wished Seokjin would take it easy on his heart whenever he wanted to travel. He was getting tired of Seokjin being like this but what could he do? He loved the man so much and couldn't even think of leaving him because besides this side of Seokjin, he was an amazing and sweet person.

"Hoseok," Hoseok heard as he had opened the door to the taxi. He turned around and found Seokjin walking over to him. A smile fell on his face. Seokjin always came around.


"I'm so sorry," Seokjin wrapped his arms around Hoseok, who didn't hesitate to hug back. "I shouldn't have been like that."

"It's fine, don't worry about it," Hoseok smiled more. "Thank you."

Seokjin leaned away shaking his head. "I love you."

"I love you too."

"And I don't know why."

Hoseok kissed his lips quickly. "There are so many reasons."

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