Chapter Twenty-Two

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Disclaimer: None of this is mine, nor will it ever be (sigh). I like to play with the characters that Stephenie Meyers created and make them do pervy things or become angels with a bad attitude.

Up next will be back to Bella, the rest of their time in Seattle and Edward presenting the ring to her ... Thank you for reading!

Chapter Twenty-Two


I was warm and cushioned on something hard, but soft at the same time. I stretched, yawning and blinking open my eyes. I saw that I wasn't at home, but in a very swanky hotel room with charcoal wings holding me tightly and large hands rubbing my back. Looking up, I smiled sleepily. "Good morning," I whispered. "What time is it?"

"A little after ten," he said, a crooked smile spreading over his handsome face. "You slept so hard and very deeply. Your dreams were beautiful."

"Were you reading my mind? Watching my dreams?" I quipped, sitting up and stretching. "Should I be afraid? Were my dreams pervy?" His crooked smile widened, but he didn't respond. "Ugh, they were. I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable. I know that I'm being all cautious and taking our physical relationship slowly ..."

"I understand why you are and I respect you for it, but seeing your fantasies? It helps me figure out how to proceed and what you're comfortable with," he explained, shrugging and his wings disappeared into his back. "And only a minute percentage of your dreams were 'pervy.' The rest were very romantic and, honestly? Humbling."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

He cupped my cheek, his green eyes swirling with so much emotion. When he spoke, his voice was deep and his accent, that rich, honeyed accent was so apparent. "How you see me ... the love you feel for me is overwhelming. You believe me to be your sole protector, your savior and your best friend, all rolled into one. You want me to be your only lover and when we do make love in your dreams, it's so beautiful." I blushed, hating that my subconscious was sharing my secrets. "Please, don't hide yourself, or your thoughts. I tried to be respectful and ignore what I was seeing, but it was surreal, to see how you see me. I'm so humbled by you, Isabella. You believe to be not worthy of me, but it is I who is not worthy of you, my love."

I didn't say anything, but I felt my face flame. He drew me into his arms and held me close. I tried to not dwell on what he saw in my dreams. I had no control over them. "I'm sorry, pretty Bella, if I made you uncomfortable," he whispered, leaning his cheek to my head.

"It's okay," I murmured. "I do care deeply for you, Edward."

"I know you do," he said, kissing my forehead. "I saw it in your dreams. But, I will stop watching them since it clearly makes you uncomfortable. I am sorry. I was just drawn in to the beauty of your mind. Even with all that happened to you, you're still able to see the goodness and exquisiteness of the world and in people." I nodded, smiling softly and idly tracing the ink on his torso. He cupped my chin, looking me in the eyes. "Are we okay?"

"Yeah," I replied. "I'm sorry about being so sensitive. It's stupid ... I just never thought you'd watch my dreams."

"I won't do it again. I promise," he said, giving me a beautifully crooked grin. "Now, we've got a big day planned."

"What's that?" I asked.

"Whatever you want," he beamed. "That's what we've got planned. We're here until tomorrow. We can just explore, if you want."

"That sounds like fun," I nodded. "But, I need a few human moments. I want to take a shower and brush my teeth. I feel kind of grimy." He chuckled and let me go. Blushing, I turned to him, "Could we go to Pike Place? For breakfast?"

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