Thank You *Final*

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Kid pauses, frowning at the food. "I suck at cooking..." He mutters, turning off the burners and going to peer into your room, making sure you were still asleep before slipping out of the apartment quickly.

You yawn lightly, sitting up on the bed and patting the spot next to you. The bed was empty and you figured that Law had probably had to leave a while ago for work. Sliding off the edge of the bed, you walk into the living room. "Good morning!" You call wondering who was still around. Skull comes over to greet you, licking your cheek with a light rumble. You pat the dog on the head with a small smile. "Just you and me?" You blink realizing your speech had gotten a little better making your smile widen even more. He rumbles again, sniffing to the burnt food on the stove pointedly. You look at the food, tilting your head. "Well, I guess that wasn't Killer. Did Kid go get breakfast?" He nods and yawns just before the door opens and Kid comes in with some breakfast bags. He blinks at you and frowns.

"I should've known you'd wake up..." He sighs. You smile up at him, giving him a shrug.

"What did you got for breakfast?" He blinks again and smiles, setting the bags on the table.

"Your speech is good. Won't be long now." He rumbles, picking you up and placing you on a chair. "I got a lot of breakfast biscuits."

"Good. I'm tired of being small." You tell him. "Yay biscuits!" He sits beside you, giving you some food before starting to eat as well.

"Maybe I should grab some of your clothes just in case..." He mutters. You look up from your food nodding.

"That's a good idea. I rather not walk around naked."

He blushes lightly. "That would be awkward." He says. "After you get done eating go pick out what you'll want, I'll pack the rest of what we'll need today."

"Okay!" You hum, finishing what was on your plate and sliding from your chair. "Let's go see." Skull licks your cheek before following you to your room while Kid starts to pack what else was needed today. You pull open a few drawers, grabbing an outfit for yourself for if you did actually end up getting big again. You set that on the floor by the door, grabbing another outfit to change into for the day and changing quickly. "Okay! Ready!" Kid comes in, packing the outfit.

"Alright, I'm going to let you ride on Skull's back so hold onto his spikes okay?" He says before placing you on the hellhound's back. Your eyes widen before you nod quickly.

"Okay. This be fun!" You smile, patting skull in the back before grabbing the spikes like Kid had told you to.

"Alright, let's take a walk." He breathes going to the door and knocking on it. Sparks come off of it before he opens the door and steps into a long dark hall.

"Neat." You say quietly in response to the door before looking around the hallway. "So is this part of what you do?" You question, looking up at him.

"Yeah," He answers, starting down the hall. "This is the safest thing I have to do. The rest would be too much for you right now."

"Oh." You nod in understanding looking at yourself with a small huff. "Need to grow up soon..." You mutter before looking at Kid again. "What other sorta stuff do you do?"

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