But Oliver instantly stopped when he remembered about his new ageing process.

"Okay, that's weird."

Vinny gently chuckled at his sudden change of emotion.

"You'll get used to it."

Oliver nodded and kicked his feet about in the water.

A few moments went by of comfortable silence. Oliver's mind was stuck in the history of this room and Vinny's eyes were stuck on him. The vampire couldn't wrap his head around the fact that Oliver was going to be by his side for thousands of years. This boy sitting next to him will be with him forever. They'll share new and exciting memories as they go through life, they'll get married and maybe have children. They'll experience everything together and it was a little hard to process. But it was nice knowing he has someone to love and to grow old with.

"Can you swim?" Vinny asked.

"Yep," He smiled. He realised the water was actually really deep at the end they were sitting on.

"Do you have any valuables in your pockets, like a phone?"

Oliver patted his pocket's.

"No, they're empty. Why?"

They stared at each other for a long second before Vinny put his hand on Oliver's back and pushed him effortlessly into the pool.

Oliver barely had time to hold his breath before his whole body was suddenly swarmed in warm water. His mind was instantly blocked as well as his senses.

He kicked his legs to help him surface.

As he came back up, he shook his head to get rid of the water in his eyes. Vinny looked very innocent as he sat by the edge of the pool. Oliver swam over and moved some hair from his eyes.

"You're so terrible," He chuckled. Vinny smiled at his reaction, but it didn't last for long.

Oliver quickly grabbed his leg and pulled him straight into the water too. Just like him, his whole body went under. But they were both thankful it was warm.

His head surfaced to see his soulmate giving him a big grin.

"I deserved that," Vinny pulled on Oliver's hand, making him swim with him to the middle of the pool.

"You did," Oliver laughed and pushed on Vinny's shoulders, making them both go underwater.

Any noises were instantly muffled as water filled their ears. They both held onto each other's arms and allowed themselves to sink to the bottom. They had their eyes open as Vinny reached up and moved his hand through Oliver's hair so he could see.

Oliver's heart thumped hard while he put his arms around Vinny's shoulders so they didn't drift away from each other.

The silence and the atmosphere of the water created a calm state for their minds. Vinny was feeling the affection and he didn't want to waste any more time before moving his head in close. He wrapped his arm around Oliver's waist so it was easier for their bodies to stay connected. They rested their foreheads against one another. But he felt his soulmate's grip tighten on his shoulders. He pulled back to see him looking at his mouth.

They knew that this was the right moment.

At the same time, they both pulled their heads forwards again. They didn't stop until they felt the soft touch of each other's lips.

They pushed into one another, creating a kiss underneath the water of the Roman bath. They didn't realise how much they craved another kiss but Oliver couldn't hold his breath for any longer. He pulled his head back and pushed gently off the floor.

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