chapter two

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Skie's gaze turned into a hard glare, causing the boy in front of her to laugh.

   "That's okay!" he exclaimed, defending his previous statement. "I mean, short people are cute!"

   Skie's glare softened and she let out a small sigh.

   "Whatever," she muttered, grabbing a popsicle. "It was nice meeting you."

   It was clear in her tone that it wasn't nice at all to meet him.

   "Gomen, gomen!" he exclaimed, walking behind her. "I owe you!"

   Skie thought for a moment before turning to face him.

   "Okay," she said. "Akemi Skie desu."

   "Konnichiwa! Nishinoya Yuu desu!" He took her hand and shook it.

   Skie pointed at him accusingly. 

   "You owe me a popsicle!" she sang, her eyes looking at him expectantly.

   Before Nishinoya could reply, she thought a bit; his name sounded too familiar.

   "I think Ennoshita told me about you," she mumbled. "He said you were short."


   "Ah, gomen," Skie said. "He told me though!"

   "Well, I still owe you a popsicle—"


   "You really love those, do you," he commented. They stood in front of the Foothill store, Nishinoya waiting for Tanaka and the other second years, Skie hanging around for the heck of it. 

   She snatched the popsicle from him and began wolfing it down.

   "Yep!" she replied, her signature smile plastered across her face—a childish grin that somehow made her look so cute.

   "Well..." Nishinoya began. "I do too!"

Skie took a glance at her phone and frowned in confusion.

   Why was Luka calling her?

   Once she accepted the call, she had to move the phone a few inches away from her ear—just to make sure that it doesn't start bleeding or anything like that.

   "SKIEE!!" Luka yelled. "PLAY VOLLEYBALL WITH US!"

   "Uhm, whut," Skie said.

   "ALEX AND HIMIKO ARE IN THE VOLLEYBALL COURT WITH ME!" Luka yelled in response, causing Skie to shake her head and laugh.

   "GOD, CALM DOWN!" Skie exclaimed. "Show concern for my eardrums, PLEASE."

   "Okay, okay, sorry!" Luka said with a nervous laugh. "Wanna play volleyball with us?"

   "Luka, it's seven at night. Why are you still in the volleyball court?"

   "Himiko arrived a few minutes ago, Alex and I stayed after practice."

   "Sorry," Skie replied. "I can't. It's too late and I'm busy, friend. I AM READING WONDERFUL, HOLY FLUFF!"

   "Is it yaoi?" Luka asked.

   "Okay, bye!"

   Skie hung up.

   Just so you know, she wasn't reading yaoi. At least not now.

   How the frick can they stand playing volleyball until seven in the evening? Skie thought, taking a seat on her desk.

   Skie would rather play volleyball than do her homework, but this was her last chance before college.

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