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Chapter 14 

The house had been empty a lot recently. The hollow corners and echoing hallways gave me no welcome and I couldn't help but compare it to before all the sudden trouble.
The house hadn't been this cold and shallow for years. 
I urged for the old times when I was happy, Jason was happy, even mom and dad were happy and Blade was nobody to me. Nobody other than the player, alpha of the enemy pack whom made me feel nervous when I was near him.

Only because he was an enemy.

I tried to ignore the sadness pumping in my veins but i couldn't.
I've convinced myself I've gone numb but that's not true. I could still feel the rejection cruising through my body. 

I felt guilty. Made up images of him shifting in the woods alone, I could only compare to how desperate I was.

I had been so hopeless, begging for a hero. And he just appeared and saved me.
He was there for me even when I wasn't there for him.

The loud knocking of the door jolted me up and I ran to the door.

Lisa stood on the other side, clutching two big containers of Ben and Jerry ice cream, a big bag of cheddar popcorn and two chick flicks.

"Hey," she smiled," surprise!"

"Hey," I let her in," What's up?"

"I thought you needed a girls night."

I laughed," Yes, I do."

She grabbed a bag from behind her," nice pajamas," i looked down at my spongebob and patrick pajamas," Put this on."

I looked inside the bag. There were two pair of slippers, one of them a giant Patrick star that you stick your feet in, and the other the same, but of spongebob.

"I pick spongebob," I put it on over my socks.

She grabbed the Patrick star one," I got them because we are like Patrick and spongebob."

I laughed," thanks, they're so cute."

She put the snacks on the table and pulled out two massive ice cream scoopers.

I laughed harder," You're crazy!"

"I know!"

We both flopped on the leather couch and got comfy, digging into the ice cream and popcorn, watching the beginning of one of the the movies she brought.

We groaned in sync when a shirtless Alex Pettyfer showed on the screen, doing push ups, sit ups and other exercises.

"You're the best Lisa," I muttered.

She nodded," I know."

"He's so gorgeous." 

"I want him. Dibs!"

"You have a boyfriend!" I screeched.

"So? John will understand."

Throughout the whole movie, Lisa and
I exchanged comments on how good looking Alex Pettyfer was and how attractive he still was in beast form.

When the movie ended, so did our ice cream jugs and chips.

I threw my pillow at Lisa," I totally needed that."

She threw the pillow back at me," You just needed a good reality check from Mr. Yummy Alex Pettyfer!"

I laughed and caught it," And Mr. Ben and Jerry."

"So," she criss-crossed on the sofa," What's really going on?"

I paused for a minute before signing," Where do you want me to began?"

"The night you found out that Jared isn't your mate. I still don't know what happened."

"So as you know, me and Jared were out to dinner. We danced and all that and than we noticed that it was almost 12 so we called for the waitress and it turned out to be Jasmine."

"I figured as much. That whore-"

"Lisa! It's not like she can help it!"

She rolled her eyes," admit it, you hate her."

I sighed," No I don't."

"Emerald, it's okay to hate someone."

"than I hate her guts," I muttered really fast," anyway, she touched his hands, they found out they were mates. I couldn't stay, so I ran."

"Did he follow you?"


"That pri-"

"Anyway, so I went home," I said, deciding to skip the embarrassing truth when I ran into the forest and mourned for hours," a couple of days later, maybe a week, i was pulled into a closet and it was a rouge. Blade heard me screaming-"

"And he saved you!" Lisa swooned.

"Yeah, and a couple of things happened after that, it became awkward between us. Than of course, I shifted."

"Alone of course! I still don't know how you did it."

"Yeah, what you don't know is that I was actually rescued by my mate."

"Oh my god!" she jumped up and screamed," You have a mate! Who is it!" 

"I didn't know. He just saved me and left."

"What happened after."

"I went home and I didn't wanna tell them my mate left me so I told them I didn't have one."

"You're the worst best friend," she shook her head.

"I know, but this is what happened after, me and my mate began to have secret meetings, but both in wolf form so I never really found out who he was.
About a week ago me and Blade were science partners and uhh-"

"And what?" 

"And I accidentally blew up our project."

She clutched her stomach, laughing," Classic!"

"So anyway!" I spoke over her laughter," we went to clean up andwealmostkissed."

"WHAT!" she screeched.

"Ow," I held my ear.


"Well we didn't and it got even more awkward. You know the rest, I saved their pack, I fainted and all that."

"So that's why you fainted? Because you were so stressed?"

"Well, the doctor said its from stress to you guys."

"Wait a minute, if you have a mate than why havent you gone crazy yet?"

"What do you mean?" 

"I thought when you have a mate and you can't be with them, you get violent and emotional."

"Yeah, I forgot to tell you. I fought with Jason about three times and beat up Amanda."

"You beat up Amanda!"

"yeah, Jason hated me."

"I take what I said back. Your the best friend ever! I hate that whor-"

"Anyway, so the reason I fainted was because I can't be with my mate and if I can't be with him for a long time than I can't sniff anymore."

"Do you know who it is yet?"

"yeah, I found out."

"Well?" she didn't look excited anymore. She had a serious look on her face," I have a feeling I already know."


She gave me a sad look," and you can't be with an enemy."

I nodded," yup."

She wrapped her arms around me," I didn't know you had t this hard with your parents fighting, Jason hating you, Jared ditching you! Amanda being the selfish brat she is and now this!"

I felt a tear slide from the corner of my eye," I don't know what to do. Blade kissed me and I can't help but want him."

"When did he kiss you?"

"Two days ago, he drove me home and we kissed. Than he told me he doesn't even like me!"

"Does he know you know your mates."

"Not when we kissed. We had a fight at school and he told me that he almost died because of me. He shifted and i wasn't there for him! He said that he'd rather never shift again than rely on me."

"That jerk! How would you have known! Don't you dare blame yourself!"

"But I do blame myself! I didn't take a second to consider that maybe Jared wasn't my mate! Do you realize that if Blade wasn't alpha and wasn't so strong he would have died? All because of me?"

"This is really serious."

"What would you do? I feel so torn."

"Give him time, he's probably really hurt. It all makes sense now, when he hit Jared, it was because he was jealous."

"thanks for listening, please don't tell anybody."

"Of course not," she embraced me again."

We ended up falling asleep on the couch after watching the second chick flick Lisa had brought, The Vow.

Blade's pov 

"What's going on tonight?" Marshall came out of my kitchen holding a plate of pancakes and a syrup bottle.

"Dude," I snapped, grabbing the bottle.
He rolled his eyes and sat down," Seriously , what doing on tonight, I'm

"That Ben guy is coming over in about three minutes," said Evan," Sid you forget it's Thursday?

"From the other pack?"

"Yeah," " he grabbed a pancake from
his plate and bit into it," It's like one am, why are you eating breakfast at night?"

He shrugged," It's good."

"Who the hell invited him?" I roared, my blood immediately boiling.
All I could think off was that he was the guy that took Emerald out on a date.

"He comes every Thursday," said Evan," You okay boss?"

"We don't need him anymore. It's low, having an inside person to tell us all te secrets of a pack that havsnt done anything to us-"

"Did you forget about the punishment?"

"Did you forget that I put the alphas son in the hospital? And did you forget that a member of their pack saved our butts?!"

They all shifted their gaze and stood silent," Exactly," I snapped," fire him and get rid off him. Than leave. I'm off to bed."

I stormed into my room and collapsed on the bed from tiredness.
All I could think about was Emerald.
Her eyes, how her body felt in my hands, her hair.
It went on and on.

My fingers went up to touch my quivering lips.
They began to tingle when I pictured the kiss.
My body began to heat just thinking about it.
I've never wanted anything as much as I wanted Emerald.
My whole life, I've never felt so needy of something let alone someone.

My guilt only increased as I thought of her more.
I remembered the way I had shouted at her.
She didn't deserve that.
There was no way she could have known.

I clutched my head in my hands and I only became angrier.

I heard the guys telling Ben to leave, and I heard him cursing out loud. 
I dug my head into the sheets as an attempt to block out all noise.

What was this girl doing to me?

I felt myself growing weaker everyday without her.
It was like a type of cancer to be away from her, like it was serious enough to kill me or destroy me forever.

I could barely lift myself, or even breath.
I knew that soon I wouldn't be able to shift.
I couldn't be alpha than.
But I also can't be with Emerald.

I pulled at my hair. I didn't know what to do.

Emerald's pov 

I woke up in the morning only to find Lisa already gone.
I got up slowly and pushed the popcorn bowel off of my stomach.
I heard my phone ringing. I pick glanced at the screen. It was a reminder from Lisa that today was a half day at school.

With a sigh, I got up and went to change.

The ride to school was long and boring as usual. Traffic was tight and the sound of people blaring their horns send me in an angry mood.
I reached school about fifteen minutes later and saw John standing my locker.

"Where is Lisa?"

"She's with some teacher," he answered," Are you okay? You got bags and your face looks blue."

I nodded,"it's fine, just tired."

I began to head to class when he grabbed my arm," Emerald, it's not fine. You look dead. What's going on?"

"Nothing, just bad dreams."

I shrugged off his fingers and gasped as the bruise.
He hadn't even grabbed me that hard.
I remembered the doctor telling me I'd be weak.
I didn't think my skin would become this sensitive.

I tried to hide my arm but John saw.

"Whoa," he muttered," D-did I do that?"

"N-no," I turned to go to glass.

He didn't grab me again, instead he stood in front of me, blocking my path.

"it wasn't there before I grabbed you? What the hell Emerald? Your skin was never this sensitive? Is there something going on the I don't know about?"

"Please John, stop," my voice began to tremble, and my eyes watered," I'll tell you when I'm ready."

He nodded and let me walk away.

"Thanks for ditching me," I muttered to Lisa after school by the lockers.

She laughed," I had to go meet John."

"Whatever," I yawnd.

"So, how are you?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, are you tired? John told me what happened, he was so confused."

"You didn't tell him, did you?"

"No, don't worry. So, are you okay?"

I rolled my eyes," Don't worry about me."

"Yeah, cause its not like your gonna die or anything!" she snapped sarcastically.


" You have to figure out a way to be with Blade!" she whispered," It's the only thing that will help you."

Jared's pov 

"I need to go check on Emerald, I haven't seen her since she was in the hospital," I said to Jasmine, as I planted a kiss on her cheek.

"I'm sure she's fine, let's go eat breakfast," she looked at me with puppy eyes.

I smiled," I'll meet you there."

She sighed," Fine, see ya."

She walked away and I paused to watch her go.
I headed to Emeralds locker.

I blamed myself for her being in the hospital. The doctor said it was because of stress. 
I'm the one who's causing her most stress right now.

I was about to turn the corner when I heard Lisa's loud voice.

"Yeah, cause its not like your gonna die or anything!" she said almost in a saractic tone.

Suspense began to flood my body and I leaned forward a bit and pressed my ear closer.

"Shhhh!" snapped Emerald.

You have to figure out a way to be with Blade!" she whispered," It's the only thing that will help you!"

I felt confused.
Blade? As in Blade Russel? The enemy?

"No I don't! He's an enemy, remember?"

"But he's your mate! Without your mate, you won't be able to shift! I can't let you do that to yourself!"

My eyes widened and I thought of how much so many things made sense.

So that's why Blade beat me up.

I tried to push away the disgust. Emerald can't possiably be with him.
He's an enemy!
He can't be trusted! If they even think about being together, this can cause war!

I stormed away from the lockers and headed to my car. 

Blade's house was only a couple of minutes away for it didn't take long to reach it.

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