{Scarlett's POV}

"What do you think about this?" Christian asked holding up the swatch. 

"Christian you've shown me eighteen different blues, they look the same. I say we do gray walls." I replied and he sighed.

We were currently sitting in his office. We're going to redecorate his penthouse and expand a little. I sat on his lap as he was showing me different swatches of colors that to me all looked the freaking same. 

"Why gray?" He asked. 

"A lot of things go with gray, Christian." 

"Okay, okay. Gray walls it is then." I gave him a sheepish smile. 

"You're going to dictate this whole thing aren't you?" he asked and I gasped. 

"Me? Never." He shook his head pushing the swatches away on the desk and motioned me to turn where I was straddling him so I could face him, and I did so. 

"There is something more I was really wanting to talk with you about." He said and I nodded. 

"I talked it through with your dad and even he agreed you'd appreciate it. Call it a wedding gift." He said and I beam. 

"You didn't have to, Christian. Really. We agreed on no presents!" He took my face in his hand and stared at me completely serious. 

"I did. You being here have opened my eyes up so much to what has been around me. It took time and this was I was doing behind your back that you were so suspicious about." I scoffed. 

"Pshhh, I was not." I drawled and and he rolled his eyes playfully. 

"Sure you weren't. Anyways, I met with my father and we met with some more people... and well see for yourself." He said reaching behind me and grabbed a folder handing it to me. 

I skimmed through it and my heart sped up. 

Oliver Fitzgerald:

-Age 26

-Great man. -Philanthropist. -Well known with the wolf kind. -Immaculate {Immaculate Pack Alpha} Interview went well, everything checks out about him. 

There were other side notes about him but I skimmed through the others. Alphas? 

Adrian Lee:

-Age 28

-A free man. Caring, loved by many. Related to previous alpha 'George Lee' of previous generations. Pack talked over, wants a freedom pack. Alpha of the Rampant pack

Once again I skimmed and moved on to more important notes. My heart stopped as I read the last name. 

Evan Mcconnell: 

-Age 27

-Previous alpha of the Malevolent pack. Negotiated a deal. He gets his pack and alpha title back, and the Malevolent pack becomes nothing but a pack. No killings, nothing. Unless given directions by the king or queen to do so. Or another alpha. He keeps to himself with his mate, Alara Lavender. 

My heart clenched. I looked up at Christian with curious eyes. 

"What does this mean?" I asked and he gave me a small smile. 

"I'm ending the PS system." He said and instantly I felt tears starting to form. 

"Y-you're e-ending it completely?" I asked. 

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