One Stop, One Shot, One Love (Story #3)

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Story ng isang 'one sided love' 'unrequited love' or kung ano pa man na ikaw lang yung nag-mamahal at hindi ikaw yung mahal ng mahal mo..

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MY ONE SHOT STORIES HAS MESSAGES!! lahat po yan hinahatid na mensahe..

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love adivices po ito..kung mapapansin niyo lang..basahin niyo ang author's note sa baba, please?


Unrequited love hurts a lot.

-herespatma (Wala akong pinaghuhugutan!! gumagana lang si utak ngayon!XD )


 Maggie's P.O.V.

 I am Margarret Cindy Rivero. You can call me a Bitch.

Yeah. I'm a bitch, what do you care..

I'm a spoiled brat. A head turner. I ruin other people's relationships. and yeah..I'm War freak..

but still..I'm inlove..inlove with my best friend, my best bud, my brother. My knight in shining armor. Gino Claude Sy Dela Fuente. 

yeah, I'm inlove with him but this love is one unrequited love or..ugh! whatever you call it. Yes. I'm inlove with him..and now, I'm here in his house, i'm gonna tell him what i really feel..

Two things will happen, it's either he felt the same or he'll just reject me. but i'm pretty sure he'll reject me. He has a girlfriend. And he loves her so much. I hate that girl. It's not right to say that she's taking Claude away from me but i can't help it! Claude's attension is always into her. I hate her! A LOT!! 

"Maggie!!" napalingon ako. Oh it's my good boy best friend..


"Why are you here?"

"I-i have to tell you someting.."

"Oh..okey, do you wanna eat something or what.."

", it's okey..mabilis lang 'toh.."

"Sure..What is it.."

"Promise me first hindi mo ako lalayuan.."


 "I love you.."

"H-huh? Ma-maggie! of course you love me..i'm your bestfriend................remember.."

"Don't talk Claude. Just let me finish.." ayun hindi na nga nag-salita..

"I love you. Gino Claude Sy Dela Fuente. Not just a brotherly love or best friend love or friendly love. I love you as a man. I love because I love you. I don't know when it started. One day i just woke up and realize.. 'yeah, i'm inlove with my bestfriend..' " then my tears star falling..

lalapitan niya sana ako pero pinigilan ko siya..

"Claude." para akong timang bigla nalang akong tumawa..habang umiiyak. "Alam ko sasabihin mo. I'm sorry, you don't love me. oh yes you do, because i'm your freakin' childhood bestfriend." i wipe my tears. "That you don't have any other special feelings for me that you don't find me as a girl. That you love someone else. That you love your girlfriend so much even if she's taking you away from me.." i stop for a while.. "Claude..I love You..I'm still hoping you'll love me too. But that seems impossible. A girl like me. Not your ideal girl. A bitch. For sure ayaw mo talaga saakin. Alam mo, sabi ko dati sa sarili ko..Pag ako umiyak alam kong nandiyan ka para saakin. Pero sabi ko ngayon..tae! Paano siya magiging nandito para saakin kung siya mismo ang dahilan kung bakit ako umiiyak. Simple lang gusto ko Claude. Ang mahalin mo. Alam mo ba? tuwing nag-bi-birthday ako, humihingin ako parati ng cake diba? kasi nag-wi-wish ako na sana mahalin mo rin ako.." i wipe my tears again.. "Now..Would you like to speak?" i ask him..but instead of answering me..

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