Chapter 24

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Damien dug his fingers into my ass as he continued peppering kisses below my belly button, sending shockwaves through my system. I couldn't wrap my brain around what was happening, especially since Eli was the one commanding what was happening at this moment.

"Take her to the room," Eli ordered and Damien teleported me to one of the rooms in the house, with Eli not far behind. Before I could take in their drool worthy bodies, Eli flicked his wrist, sending me flying back onto the bed. The sheets had a mind of their own as they wrapped around my ankles and wrists tightly, restraining me.

Reflexively, I tugged at the binds, my eyes following Eli's movements as he walked towards the side of the bed, his hard muscles flexing with each step. I took in his inky hair, which was now disheveled, down to his piercing blue eyes that seemed to darken with unmistakable lust. Fine hairs dusted his chest and my breathing turned into short spurts when I finally dropped my gaze to the thick muscle that hung between his legs.

"Eli-" I started, but he reached the bed and bent down, capturing my lips between his teeth, stopping whatever nonsense I was about to say. He cupped the side of my face and started kissing me, igniting a fire deep inside my chest. I responded immediately, moving my lips against his as if I were a starving animal.

A low growl-like noise sounded in his chest when I bit his lip lightly and I gasped when he pinched one of my nipples, a ripple of desire flowing straight to the heat between my legs. I tugged hard at my restraints, wanting to grab a hold of his hair and pull, to hear that sound from him again. I heard Damien on the other side of me and I didn't react when he put something over my eyes, a cloth from what I could feel.

"Oh my god." I breathed out a moan, leaning away from Eli a bit when I felt Damien's hot mouth clamp around one of my aching nipples, swirling his tongue around it before sucking hard. Since I couldn't see anything, I had to rely on my other senses, which seemed to be more sensitive than ever. It didn't even register that Eli had let me go and got off the bed because at the same time, Damien's hand ghosted down my abdomen and he dragged his fingers down my wet slit, making me arch my back at the tightening sensation I felt in the pit of my belly.

His tongue continued to swirl around my nipple, grazing his teeth over it repeatedly, while slowly, torturously rubbing my clit at the same time. I pushed myself up, wanting his fingers to penetrate me, but he pushed me back down, released my nipple, and sped up his fingers.

"Damien, oh fuck!" I could feel the beginning of an orgasm rushing forward, sending a wave of intense heat through my veins. My heart rate accelerated and my breathing turned haggard as I shamelessly moved my hips to get more friction to my clit.

"Damien." Eli's voice broke through my haze of lust and I almost cried out when Damien moved his hand off of me. I heard him get up from the bed and I yanked at the sheets that held my wrists, wanting to grab him to finish what he started. I was too aware of my heavy breathing, the raspy sound that escaped my throat, the way my legs spread open and my arms on the sides of my head. "Lie down, Alice," Eli ordered and I complied, letting my back rest on the soft bed.

I heard his quiet footsteps pad over to the side of the bed that he was on before and my body clenched in anticipation to what was going to happen next. A gasp slipped through my lips when I felt his rough hand drag across my chest, down my belly, and over my sensitive nub that throbbed relentlessly from Damien's fingers.

I could smell his and Damien's arousals, coupling together to make such an intoxicating scent that invaded my nostrils. The bed in front of me sank and I inhaled deeply, smelling both Damien and Eli in front of me. The thought of these two muscular men kneeling front of me, naked as the day they were born caused a flood of wetness between my legs.

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