Chapter 12- Secrets

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"Phoebe, get away from him" Frank whispered and I nodded going to walk over to him, I hated being ordered around.

"Phoebe, come hug me" Gerard whispered and I looked into his eyes, why was they so perfect now? I turned and walked up to him hugging him gently. "Thank you" He whispered and I looked up to see him smirking at Frank.

"Why do you always try and take what I have Gerard?" He growled and my eyes widened. This just got personal!

"Because it's fun...She's delicious Frank" He chuckled and Frank shot up. Fuck that was fast. "Remember last time?" A twisted smile filled his face. "Now she was fun" He held me tighter to him and I frowned.

"Let go" I whispered and he looked at me quickly. I thought that these were all friends? Why would Gerard be upsetting Frank?

"I think me and you should get to know each other more Phoebe" He smiled and brushed some of my hair away from my eyes. I looked at Frank slowly, not wanting to go but he just watched me helplessly. Maybe these guys were stronger than Frank and he felt vulnerable? Maybe these guys are dangerous and he knows they are going to kill me? I sure hope not.

"I'd rather stay with Frank" I whispered making him laugh.

"You'd rather stay with that? The secret keeper? Gosh I could tell you so many secrets Phoebe, they'd blow you away" He smiled and looked at Frank. "Oh, Unless you want to tell her of course, then be my guest!"

"It's too early!" He screamed and Ray grabbed him, now I was terrified. "Gerard please" He begged, this was a side to Frank what i haven't seen before, the weak sad Frank. The one that seems to be begging for his life basically.

"Tell her Frank!" He growled and held my throat "Or I'll show her" He chuckled evilly and I gulped. He was a murderer? He was going to snap my neck? Oh god...He brought his mouth to my neck and Frank's eyes widened. He was a rapist? I don't know what's worst!

"OKAY!" He shouted and Ray dropped him so he fell to his knee's. Gerard's mouth moved away from my neck and I watched Frank. "Phoebe...Don't be scared" He smiled a little bit, so weakly. "I'm, I'm a vampire Phoebe" I snorted quickly but he was in tears? A Vampire? Are these guys high? They all seemed pretty serious. "When you let me in, it basically triggered a chemical in our bodies. You'd have to fall in love with me whether you liked it or not. I could drink from you and you'd find pleasure in it. You'd do everything I say" He whispered covering his face. "I won't hurt you though. I wouldn't need to" He whimpered quietly and my eyes widened. When Gerard kissed me, his teeth was sharper than normal. When I let Frank and Gerard in they seemed more attractive, they changed completely when I looked at them afterwards. Oh god!

Gerard let me go slowly and opened his mouth to reveal fangs, I froze. Vampires are real? They're going to kill me...I quickly mentally slapped myself round the face and ran out. What if they have vampire powers or something, Can run faster than me? THEY CAN BECAUSE THAT EXPLAINS HOW FRANK GOT TO MY HOUSE BEFORE ME! Oh shit! I ran for my life, literally. When I looked to my side I saw Frank running there, the other side was Gerard.

"Stop Phoebe!" Frank begged and I ignored him "Please" 

"Phoebe, come with me. I won't hurt you babe" Gerard smiled and I thought my head was going to explode. I pushed them both and ran into my house slamming the door behind me. I heard noises upstairs and quickly grabbed a wooden bat, maybe if  I sharpened the end to make it like a stake they'd back off? How could I undo my words? 'I let you not in!' sounds pretty unconvincing. Maybe I'm stuck with this forever? What if they come and turn me into a vampire. Maybe I need to see a vicar? Maybe the vicar knows more about this?

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