CHAPTER-3 "Kidnapped"

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I was sobbing badly after reading the letter, It read,

Dear mom and dearest Lisa

I know that you both will be very angry and upset when you read this letter. I am getting really tired of these fights you both have. I really am sorry but I am not COMING BACK. By that time you read this I will be far gone please don't try to find me ever.

I will send money to you every month so you can live comfortably. Mom please stop torturing Lisa she is your very own daughter .
And Lisa you know I love you very much I will come to meet you in a year or two when I will be settled and will have enough money to make our lives comfortable .

Yours only

I didn't know whether to be upset or happy after reading this. But the only emotion that I could feel right now was anger. How can he leave us like this? He perfectly knew that we cannot live without him and he bailed on his own family.

But at the same time I was thinking that why would  he be responsible for a drunk women and a messed up teenager.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when mom started to strangle me I was so furious at the moment that I kicked mom with all the force I have and stormed out of the house

I was crying my eyes out sitting on a bench in a deserted park

"There you are!!"

Before I can even see the owner of this voice a hard rod hit my head and I fainted right away

Before closing my eyes I saw a gorgeous man in all black standing over me with an apologetic smile on his face and then I closed my eyes because the pain was unbearable

"What an awesome day!!"


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