Chapter 36 || How To Get Away With Robbery.

Have you ever been in one of those situations before where you sit in a black van along with several other people because you want to break into the huge mansion of your mom's boyfriend ?

Me neither but it seems like destiny decided to let me have this wonderful experience.

The air in here was not the best regarding the fact that we were five people, squeezed into one vehicle which was parked on the opposite side of Marissa's house. My movements were rather restricted due to the fact that I sat between Alex and Jessica who haven't spoken a word to each other since our little encounter in Alex' house.

Oh boy, the sexual tension in here was enough to make a nun and a monk to go crazy for each other.

Alex tried to make eye contact with her every once in a while but Jessica's reaction was rather reserved. Poor Alex...

Finally, Alex stood up and seated himself on a stool, standing in the middle of the van.

"Ok, guys.", he started, folding up his laptop. "This is our plan."

I must've already said this like a billion times but I cannot believe that we are actually going to break into her house for a diary. No one is ever going to believe this...well, no one will never know about this anyway. I'd be dead if so.

"Emma, you go first. You need to keep the security guard entertained as long as possible. Sofía and Kyle need to be able to sneak in and back out of the state."

Emma rummaged around in her bag, got out a red lipstick and put it on. "Nothing easier than that."

Kyle was eyeing her up, causing Emma to raise an eyebrow at him. "What?"

"This is how you want seduce someone ?", he shook his head. "Where is your cleavage ? This is some serious business, hun."

Emma just rolled her eyes. "You are such a drama queen."

"I know.", he replied. "That is what gives me my personal note.", he added, grinning cheekily.

"Ok, back to business.", Alex intervened. "As I've already said, Sofía and Kyle are going to sneak into the house. This won't be easy so you need to listen to me carefully. When you have reached the door of the house, don't even think about casually opening the door because the alarm will go off immediately."

"Now comes the tricky part.", he continued." You need to turn off the security system by entering an eight-figure code in to an input box which appears when you push the lower screw of the door bell. The problem is that you only get this code by solving a pretty difficult riddle. I know this sounds ridiculous but Mr. Monroe is some kind of security fanatic. The riddle is put under a fake stone next to the door mat. This is your only chance to get into the mansion without having the CSI, FBI and the military chasing you."

I had to swallow at his words. Why would someone put a riddle under a stone ? What the....?

"Why a riddle ? This doesn't make any sense.", Kyle looked as confused as I felt.

"As I said, Mr. Monroe is a security fanatic. The riddle alters from time to time and he is of course in possession of the solutions but would never think of giving them to anyone. Anyone who knows Mr. Monroe or his daughter more than just as an acquaintance will be able to solve it because he designed them that way so their employees, who are more than you think, or family members will have access to the code just in case. Thus, he prevents someone unknown from getting the codes."

"This is so stupid.", I uttered, burying my hands into my lap.

"Maybe but it is our only chance.", Jessica gave me a sympathetic look.

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