Chapter 2

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Clarke's pov

After school I went to get coffee Octavia and Raven. Raven gets a cappuccino, Octavia gets a hot chocolate and I get an iced latte.

I told them all about the scene in the hallway. 

"So, I was rushing to class and I run into this boy and my books go flying. As I go to pick up the books he steps on them and kicks them to the other end of the hallway." I say frustrated

"He sounds rude, but most of the guys at our school are." says Raven and Octavia agrees with her.

"I met this guy in my class his name was Atom. He was really nice and funny. I'm really starting to like him. But I can't date him." Octavia says and takes a sip of her drink.

"Why can't you date him? He sounds like a nice guy." I asked confused.

"My brother doesn't let me date anyone. He says that I should just study on school." she answers.

"You have a brother?" I ask her.

"I do. Sorry I thought I told you about him. His name is Bellamy" She says with a giggle.

"B-Bellamy?" I asked.

"Yes, why?" Octavia said and looked at me with her eyebrow raised.

"He is the guy I ran into in the hallway." I said quietly.

"Oh I'm sorry he can be a jerk sometimes." Octavia says and smiles

Speaking of Bellamy he just walked in with his friends. I quickly look down and hope that he didn't notice us. He and his friends order their drinks and just as I thought that they didn't notice us they start walking towards our table. Oh no.

"Hi O and Raven" he says and smiles at Octavia. Then he sees me.

"Oh hi Princess. What are you doing here? You do know that this is not an expensive coffee shop?" he jokes and his friends laugh.

"Bellamy could you stop." Raven says and looks at him. I just look at my drink silently.

"I was just joking princess." He says and smirks.

"Just so you know my name is Clarke and I would really like it if you and your friends would leave." I said and gave him a fake smile.

He didn't say anything and they just left.

"I am sorry Octavia I hope I didn't offend you or anything." I say conserned

"No, it's okay. He is annoying. Trust me I live with him." she says and we all laugh

Raven quickly changed the subject to cut the tentsion and that was the last time we talked about Bellamy that day. And i hoped that it was the last time i would ever have to talk about him ever again.

Bellamy's pov

I walk into a coffee shop with Atom and Murphy and I see princess sitting with O and Raven. Hey I might as well have a little fun as I am here.

"Hi O and Raven" I says and smile at Octavia. I look at the princess and she looks nervous. Then she sees me.

"Oh hi princess. What are you doing here? You do know that this is not an expensive coffee shop?" I joke as Murphy and Atom laugh.

"Bellamy could you stop." Raven says and looks at me.

"I was just joking Princess." I says with a smirk.

"Just so you know my name is Clarke and I would really like it if you and your friends would leave." As I am about to say something O looks at me with an angry expression on her face. I figure that it would be best if I just left.

As we sit at our table Murphy goes: "Hey Bellamy what was all that about? You could've said something back and not just leave."

"I figured it would be best to leave. I can mess with her at school tomorrow." I say as I take a sip of my drink.

"You don't like her or anything." Murphy says with a raised eyebrow.

"No, I don't like anyone. I just sleep with girls and that's it. I don't date anyone." I say

"Good because I think that she is pretty cute." Murphy says and looks back at her.

"Hey even if I dont'date people doesn't mean I don't want to get with her." I say and look at Murphy.

"Really Bellamy? You get all the girls in this school." He says and rolls his eyes.

"I do but even if I didn't want to get with her you don't really think that you would even have a chance with her? She is way out of your league." I say and smile at Murphy as Atom bursts out laughing.

"Really Atom?" Murphy asks and you can hear that he is pissed.

"Sorry Murphy but he has a point." Atom chuckles.

The Princess and the King of the school. We would be a good couple. Wait Bellamy you don't date anyone. Girls mean nothing to you. They are just a one night thing nothing else. No girl is going to change that not even Clarke who looks really pretty when she is not even trying.

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