The Love Song (5)

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“Hey guys,” Bennett told his friends as he momentarily slipped his headset back on, “I’ve got to go. The crazy girl in the bushes just came in through the window.”

“Hey!” I complained, frowning in his direction, “You’re the one who invited me in. Don’t make me sound like a freak.”

“We can do a war raid later tonight, say midnight? I’ll be back on then,” he continued speaking with his friends, and ignored the damaged he was inflicting onto my nonexistent image. “Alright later.”

When Bennett pulled off the headset, put it down on the desk, and smoothed out the ruffles in his hair, he turned to me. “So, what were you saying?”

“Crazy girl in the bushes?” I demanded, arms crossed.

The boy in front of me raised his eyebrows. “No offence, but your sanity is a perfectly good entity for me to question under the current circumstance. Not only have you been spying on me, but also your hair is riddled with sticks, you’re clothed in an incredibly oversized male polo, and your pants are saturated.”

Peering down at my ensemble, I nodded my head regretfully in agreement. Yes, my outfit looked crazy, but really it wasn’t my fault! Well, sort of. I was still blaming the dang bucket for this one. “Trust me, I’m not crazy,” I defended myself. “I spilt a bucket of water at work, which explains these ridiculous clothes. And about the spying thing, I really wasn’t trying to. I came here looking for you, and then I heard you through the window and I just…” I trailed off not exactly knowing if that counted as a good excuse.

Bennett just stared at me with an unimpressed look. His eyebrows were perched high, with his arms crossed firmly over his chest. My gaze flickered down to the surprising amount of muscle bulging out of his skintight Star Trek shirt.

“So, um,” I said, my eyes moving back up to his face before he caught me staring. “Will you help me?”

He rolled his eyes. “I let you in, didn’t I?”

A few minutes later, I was seated across from Bennett on the other side of his computer desk on the room’s only other piece of furniture: a bright red love sac. I felt like I was at some awkward interview, my neck cranked all the way back so I could see over the edge of the desk.

“Welcome to my humble abode,” Bennett said after a few silent moments. He had taken the time to clean up his area, removing the bottles of Mountain Dew and wrappers of long gone Hot Pockets.

“Errr, thanks,” I said looking around at his space. My teenage life had been void of boys, and I had only dreamed of spending time with one in their room. Somehow I had pictured my first guy’s room to be a little more, I don’t know. Exciting?

The walls were a bare white and besides the computer setup and love sac, the only other piece of furniture in the room was a bookshelf. It was a beautiful cherry oak wood and it reached all the way to the ceiling, filled to the brim with books.

Weren’t boy rooms supposed to be so messy that you couldn’t see the floor, with walls covered in posters of naked models and expensive cars? Where were all the sports trophies, or in Bennett’s case science fair medals, displayed proudly for everyone to see?

There wasn’t even a bed for crying out loud! Where the heck did he sleep? Maybe he was so into gaming that he just stayed up 24/7 living on caffeine?

After rummaging around in the desk drawer for a moment, Bennett’s hand emerged with a spiral notebook and a sleek black pen. The side of the pen was advertising I couldn’t read the slogan in its tiny font, but I had seen enough of the writing utensils sold at local stores to know that it read: Build your own Internet experience.

“How exactly can I help you, um…”

“Mikey.” I told him my name, “It’s Mikey. I’m your next door neighbor,” I offered. Even the nerd next door didn’t know who I was. How pathetic.

“Sure, right,” he said clicking his pen, before scribbling something down. “How can I help you, Mikey?”

“I need to win the game this summer,” I answered, pulling at the beads on my bracelet nervously.

“Need and want are two totally different things,” he responded looking up at me.

“Ugh, you sound like my dad,” I complained.

“And you sound like my two-year-old sister,” he countered, looking up from whatever he was writing. “Why exactly do you want to win this game, Mikey? Your answer is pivotal.”

Well, no pressure... “Well, I-ah,” I said not knowing how to respond. I doubt Bennett would want to help me if I said that I wanted to win so I could go on vacation with Decklan Brody. “What’s the notebook for?” I asked, changing the subject.

Bennett scribbled something down, adjusted his glasses and then looked back up at me. “For taking notes and gathering information. I’d like to determine if it’s worth while helping you or not, so please carry on with your rambling.”

Slowly, I let out a breath. Geez, this guy was a prick. Chewing my lip nervously, I tried to think of a response that would impress him, so in turn I could win the game and impress the more important boy.

Deciding on a broad, but safe response I answered, “I guess I want to prove something to myself.” It wasn’t exactly the whole truth, but I wasn’t lying either.

“Care to elaborate?” Bennett questioned in a bored tone.

Huffing, I tucked a still damp piece of hair back and out of my face. Why did he have to make this so difficult for me? A simple “yes, I’ll help you” or “no, not a chance” would be great.

I sighed. CC Kollins would never have to go through this much trouble to get some help. In fact, she wouldn’t even need to lift a single manicured nail. People would line up to do things for her, most hoping for some kind of reward like her attention for a few pathetic moments.

Life was so unfair! I was going to have to work my ass off to accomplish something she wouldn’t even have to worry about. It wouldn’t be hard for CC to advance in the game. Most of the time, people didn’t tag the popular kids because they wanted those kids to like them. It was rather pathetic seeing as how we were all leaving to go to college anyways...

Gritting my teeth in anger at the thought of her winning, something that would be so undeserved, I finally answered the question. “I want CC Kollins to eat her own words that a nobody loser like me could ever win. You did it, so I figured you could help me do it again.”

Dropping his pen, Bennett looked up at me with his eyes open wide. “This is about CC?” he asked.

“Oh apple sauce. Did you have a crush on her in high school or something?” I wondered. Of course I would be stupid enough to insult the hottest girl at school in front of a guy. Sometimes, my hatred for that girl made it slip my mind that the male population was in love with her. Stupid boys; they always thought with their other head.

It’s how the world worked, wasn’t it? The total nerds like Bennett always crushed on the super hot bitchy cheerleader that would always be way out of their leagues. Their chance of ending up with said bitch was always zero, unless you watched those horribly cheesy romantic comedies where a suave love doctor would help the nerd go from completely invisible to husband material over night. Just like Hitch. I had always loved the idealistic romance of that movie, no matter how impossible it was…

Bennett’s eyebrows snapped together in a frown, and I heard his knuckles crack beneath the table. Dang it, I had totally just squashed my chances of winning the game.

“Like CC? That sluty bitch?” he spat out, “I would rather hook up with Spock before ever kissing her.”

“Oh,” I whispered quietly. Was that meant to mean something to me? Who the heck was Spock?

His harsh words were not directed at me, but I could feel the anger he was trying to contain, and I winced away. Besides being hot, CC Kollins was a practiced heart breaker. She could possible even be considered professional, with how cruel she was. The love struck guys of Mckany high didn’t stand a chance. I was willing to bet she had stomped across Bennett’s heart without a backward glance. Poor guy.

After a few moments of heavy breathing, he calmed down, and the awkward tension in the room fell away. Bennett opened his eyes that had been held tightly shut, and turned them up at me with fierce determination. “Let’s bring that girl down.”

“Yes! Thank you!” I shouted happily, bouncing up and down in the love sac.

“Shhh!” he hissed at me, his gaze darting to the door.  My hand slapped over my mouth, holding in a deep breath, as Bennett pressed a single finger against his lips signaling for me to be quiet.

“Bennett honey?” I heard someone call from down the hallway. “Are you on that stupid game of yours?”

“Ah shit that’s my mom. I need you to hide,” he said, a panicked look flashing across his face.

“Ah, where exactly?” I asked looking around the empty room. The window was still open, but no way was I jumping back into the prickly bush.

“Quick, under here,” Bennett instructed me as he rolled his chair away from the desk. There was just enough room for me to squeeze into the empty space.

“Well, this isn’t awkward at all,” I whispered as I ducked under, and he rolled the chair back in as far as he could, his knees in my face.

“Just be quiet,” he hissed as the door to the bedroom clicked open.


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