Chapter 29

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-We uhh...-


-I accidentally kissed her and...-

"Rejected her. That would work"

-and re...-

-Jackson!- Allyson shouted from inside. He turned his back and let  her know that he was coming.

-I don't wanna see ya 'round here Dolan.- He said and closed the door.

"That was... Relievedly unexpected" I told myself.

And I  was just there, standing like an idiot, relieved at the fact that I didn't tell him the real reason why she was pissed, but I wasn't okay with Allyson feeling like that. After all, she felt like shit because of my mediocrity.


The next morning...

It was 10:46 a.m. and I couldn't stop thinking about Allyson, what I did was wrong.

I sent here a couple texts but she didn't reply at all. I felt like shit. Ethan was worried about me, he told me to get up a few times but I didn't listen. Perhaps, I stayed in bed looking at the ceiling.

The door opened...

-GRAY-FUCKING-SON! WE NEED TO RECORD A VIDEO GET THE HELL OUT OF THE BED!- then he left the room, he was angry. His reaction didn't bother me at all, I slowly stood up from the bed and headed towards the kitchen.

I saw Ethan walking around with both hands on his head. He was worried.

-GRAYSON!- He shouted when he saw me.

-I'm okay bro, it no...-

-Why didn't you tell me that dad...- He paused.- That dad was at the hospital last night??!- He interrupted me.

My eyes wide opened, his eyebrows frowned and I noticed a vein across his forehead.

"Oh no..."

Knowing Ethan. This was not going to end well...

Allyson's POV:

-Move the leg a little bit more to the left.- the photographer  said. So I followed orders.

-Annnd that's it! Good job Ms. Campbell!- he told me smiling at the picture he took

I smiled at him in return. Isabel went to me and hugged me... way too hard.

-Ouch!- I complained.

She pushed me away and said- You're so sensible.- and rolled her eyes. -But you did amazing!-

-Allyson!- McKenzie called me out. She was standing across the studio with both hands cross and tapping her black Prada shoes. I noticed how her tiny red lips were moving a little from left to right. She looked uneasy.

-Be careful, the witch is mad today..- Isabel whispered at my ear.

I walked slowly towards her. I knew McKenzie could be a total bitch when she's mad..

-Allyson...- she said serious. I swallowed saliva as an effect of nervousness.


-You'll have an interview with Awesomenesstv next week. Now get your stuff and rest at home, you doing great girl.- She slightly smiled. I felt relieved and excited at the same time.

Awesomenesstv is an entertainment company that creates original teen series and interviews with celebrities. Am I a celebrity now? It felt weird just the thought of that.

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