Chapter 39

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---------------NALA'S P.O.V-------------

The blood slowly starts dripping from my now infected gun shot wound that been so carefully taken care of by someone that could be dead right now.

It has been atleast a week since i've been locked up inside this hell house, and each hour gets harder. I still lay naked after Drew took my clothes away in the third day, doesn't matter anyway because I was not planning on getting them. My skin is always cold, like one of a dead body and i've lost weight. Too much weight. The only thing i've eaten or drink and come from Drew coming inside and forcefully making me take in a substance which later makes me loose all consciousness.

By day five, I had enough and went insane. I got up from the floor and hit the walls with both hands and screamed until I lost my voice. The blood dripped down my wounded hand but that didn't stop me. I yelled his name. Then I yelled Bruno's, but no one came. Today, realization hit me. No matter how much I would scream, nobody would come for me. I choose to come here to protect Bruno, but I didn't think of the consequences. I was going to die here and I was waisting my time by screaming their names.

I got up, my legs shaking as the familiar coldness quickly spread through out my body. I felt as the blood dripped down my hand, buy to be honest, the feeling of something warm on me felt good.

I can't do it.

I walked to the door and banged my fist against it.

"Drew. You win. Just kill me already."

Silence. I hit the door harder, this time wincing with pain.


--------------BRUNO'S P.O.V------------

I hugged my knees tightly as oxygen flowed from my nose to my lungs.

It's not real.

I close my eyes tightly as hands grasp my arms.

She's next to me.

A burning sensation fills my cheek as I open my eyes, the mark of what seems to be a hand forming.

"Snap out of it Mars!"

I blink quickly, Phillip in front of me. I gasp as I feel the oxygen level decline in my lungs.

"Help me."

I let go of my knees and cover my face, a sob escaping me mouth.

"Bruno, we have to get out. The stupid police has been waiting for a good five minutes."

Today is the day we get sent to jail. After a week or so of being hospitalized, they decided I was "fine" and that I could be sent to jail now. In other words, they thought I was faking it and had to be sent now. Phillip would have been already in jail, but he demanded to stay to "take care of me".

"I don't want to go to jail."

My eyes burn as I feel tears. Pathetic.

"Trust me, I don't either." His voice cracks. "But we have to. We knew this would happen."

"But not like this" my voice sounding like a whisper.

Phillip tries to speak but fails. Seconds later, a cop comes in, handcuffs in clear sight.

"Get up."

I slowly stand as as the cop pulls both mine and Phillip's arm.

"Damn." I smile at the angered expression of the cop.

"Quiet Hernandez."

"Why don't you kill me already? Why send me to jail? Stupid." I laugh as Phillip glares at me.

"I said quiet!" The cops voice booms.

We walk outside where three more cops meet us. A bald officer takes me and handcuffs me while a short cop with a beard handcuffs Phillip.

"I don't need an escort." I scream and two more cops grab my arms.

They pull my arms tighter, but remain quiet.

"C'mon! Hit me or something!" I yell at the cop who is three times taller than me.

"Bruno." Phillip's voice makes me calm down.

I continue walking as my hands hang low through the cold handcuffs. I've only been disconnected from my oxygen machine thing and I feel like i'm already dying. The feeling of falling suddenly comes and I feel myself loose oxygen.

"I need to stop." I whisper as I take in deep breathes.

"Yeah right. Now keep walking." They push me and I stumble forward.

The sound of sirens fills my ears as my head spins. Red and blue lights make the lights of the afternoon sky vanish.

"Walk." They order us, my feet stuck to the ground.

I scan through the sea of reporters and cops in search of something, or someone. I begin to cough as the lack of oxygen gets to me.

"I need air." I say to the cops, but they ignore me, pushing me towards the police car.




"Mr. Hernandez!"

The reporters call our name. I scan through all the judging faces when I come across a familiar face. He smiles at me and then walks away and out of my sight.


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