"Tessa, grab your bag." The mirrored scowl on both women's faces makes me reconsider my word choice. "Please, please grab your bag?" The sentence comes as more of a question but Tessa's hard expression softens and she pads down the hallway and turns into her old bedroom.

Carol's eyes move back and forth between Zayn and I before she speaks, "what happened to make her run out into the rain? Which of you caused that?" Her glare is murderous, almost comical really.

"He did," the two of us answer like children. Carol rolls her eyes and turns to follow her daughter down the narrow hallway. I focus on Zayn.

"You can go now." I know Carol can hear me, but honestly I don't give a fuck at this point.

"Tessa didn't want me to go, she was only confused. She came onto me, she begged me to stay here with her." He spits. I shake my head as he continues, "she doesn't want you anymore. You've spent your last dollar where she's concerned and you know it. You see how she looks at me, how she wants me."

I ball my fists, taking deep breaths to calm myself. If Tessa doesn't hurry out with her bag, the living room will be painted red by the time she returns.

She wouldn't kiss him, she wouldn't do that.

Visions from my nightmares swirl behind my lids, bringing me one step closer to my breaking point. His hands on her pregnant belly, her nails raking down his back.

She wouldn't do that. She wouldn't kiss him.

"This isn't going to work," I force the words out. "You aren't going to antagonize me into attacking you in front of her. Not again." Fuck, I want to. I want to so fucking bad.

"You've made it so easy for me," he smiles. "She told me how much she wants me, she told me less than a half hour ago." He glances down at his empty wrist as if he is checking the time on a watch. He's a dramatic motherfucker, always has been.

"Tessa!" I call her name from the living room to gage how many more seconds I have to tolerate him.

Silence fills the house, followed by the hushed voices of Tessa and her mum. I close my eyes momentarily, hoping that Carol hasn't convinced Tessa to stay in this shit hole of a town for another night.

"That drives you crazy, doesn't it?" He continues to goad me. "How do you think I felt when you fucked Sam? It was one thousand times worse than the petty jealousy you feel right now." He states, as if he could possibly fathom the depth of my jealousy toward him.

"I told you to shut the fuck up and leave. No one gives two fucks about you and Sam. She was easy, too fucking easy for my liking really, and that was that."

He takes a step toward me and I straighten my back, reminding him of one of my many advantages against him. "What? You don't like hearing about your precious Samantha?" It's my turn to fuck with him. His eyes turn dark, warning me to stop but I refuse. He has the fucking nerve to kiss Tessa and try to use her feelings as ammunition against me?

He obviously doesn't know that I have an entire arsenal up my fucking sleeve.

"Shut up," he snaps, pushing me further. I may keep my hands to myself this time, but my words will make more of an impact anyway.

"Why?" I glance down the hallway to make sure Tessa is still occupied by her mum. "You don't want to hear about the night I fucked her? I can barely remember it actually, she wasn't very memorable I suppose." I torture him with my words.

I knew how he was into her and at the time, I assumed their relationship would make her more of a challenge. The joke was on me when she ended up being more of a hassle than a toy. "I fucked her brains out though, I can assure you that. That must be why she pulled that pregnancy shit afterwards. You remember that, don't you?"

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