31- Trap

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Percy's PoV:

There were all kinds of monsters. I could count with my fingers the number of monsters I knew the name of and have fought, which was like zero to five. Behind them were some ruins. Blocks of granite and marble as big as houses, broken columns and statues of bronze that looked like they had been half melted. But before I could admire the ruins, the monsters attacked.

I took on five monsters at a time. Dracaenaes, Telekhines, small Cyclopes and many more disformed and disgusting monsters came at me. With just a slice of my sword, I vaporized them. More kept on coming than I could defeat in a minute. The others were also struggling in fighting them. Nico was moving sluggishly, Grover's nature magic could only take a few at a time, Clarisse fought like a monster as always but was getting overwhelmed and Rachel could only make the monsters loose consciousness by hitting them in the head with her hairbrush. I couldn't stand it anymore. I was just wasting time fighting them. I thrust my sword to the stomach of a snake lady that came at me and stomped on the ground with all my might. Suddenly, a chasm, the size of a football field, opened up in front of me and swallowed almost all the monsters. It closed in a flash. Only a Chimera and a small Telekhine was left. Without wasting a second, I made them disintegrate to dust by sending two balls of fire, which looked like miniature suns.

"Ugh!" Nico was covering his eyes. "You could have given us heat strokes!" I laughed.

"Sorry." I told him. He just gave me a glare.

"Those are the ruins of Mt. Othrys." Clarisse said in awe. She was looking at the ruins.

"This is bad. It was not here before and it should not be here." Grover said. He was chewing on his reed pipe. A sign that he was nervous.

"Why?" I asked them. I felt clueless as usual. I didn't know anything about this Mt. Othrys. But it was familiar. I just couldn't put my finger on it.

We looked around cautiously as we picked our way through the rubble, past blocks of marble and broken archways.

"Because this is where Atlas--" Nico froze. His voice was barely audible. "Where he used to hold up the sky." I followed his gaze.

A little ahead of us, gray clouds swirled in a heavy vortex, making a funnel cloud that almost touched the mountaintop. But instead of touching the ground, it rested on the shoulders of a twelve year old girl with auburn hair and a tattered silver dress. Artemis.

"Artemis!" I ran forward without thinking. She looked up at me. I could see the pain in her eyes.

"No! Stop! It's a trap, Percy! You must leave now!" Her voice was strained. She was drenched in sweat. I couldn't bear seeing her in pain. I kneeled down in front of her.

"Artemis, I'll not leave you." I said calmly.

"No! You should go! Please, Percy." She begged me.

"Look who's here." A booming voice spoke behind us. I stood up and turned. I recognized the voice. It was the deep and ancient voice that I heard in my dream. He was wearing a brown silk suit. My eyes widened when I saw the people beside him.

My eyes first went to Annabeth. The girl that I loved before and the girl that cheated on me. Her eyes held no recognition of me and was just blazing with fire. She should have been the girl in my dream who was kneeling and complaining. She was holding a dagger to the throat of Thalia, who stood beside her. Thalia's hands were cuffed behind her and a gag was in her mouth. She looked tired and pale but I could see the anger in her eyes. Luke stood on her other side. He looked paler. Half a dozen dracaenae was behind Luke, holding a golden sarcophagus.

Luke smiled weakly at me. "You're here Percy."

"Why did you side with them Luke?" I tried to control my anger.

"Kronos promised me a better life, Percy. The three of us..." His gaze shifted to Thalia and Annabeth for a second and came back to me. "The three of us could live like before. But without facing dangers everyday and being playtoys of the gods. We could be free." Thalia stuggled against them and growled. Luke tightened her hold on her.

"Let Thalia go!" Nico snarled at Luke.

"Why? So that you can make her Hades' pawn again? No. She's coming with us, even if she likes it or not." Luke glared at him.

"Let her go, Luke. You really think that Kronos will give you what you want?" I said.

"I'm sorry, Percy. It's time for you to talk to the General." His tone signaled the end of our conversation.

"General?" I looked at the man in the suit.

"Yes. I'm the General. Let's get down to business. If you give yourself in without a fight, I may let the goddess and your friends go." A sneer tugged at the corners of his mouth. I looked at Artemis. Her eyes were begging me to leave. But I couldn't leave her here.

"What if I'll say no?" I glared at the General.

"Then all of you will die at my hands." His sneer was still plastered on his face. I wanted to punch him so badly.

"Then, I'll go with the no." With that, I charged at him. At the corner of my eye, I saw my companions charge at Luke and Annabeth.

The General tore off his suit and I saw that inside, he was wearing armor. A celestial bronze spear appeared on his hand and he parried my strike. I pushed my sword against his spear.

"You know that if I want, I can slice this mountain in half and bury you with it." I threatened him. He smirked.

"You wouldn't want to do that and release the worst enemy of the gods." I got confused by what he said, so he got a chance to kick me on the stomach.

I flew a few miles away from him and fell hard on the ground. All the air had left my lungs because of his kick. I did my best to stand up. I saw Nico fighting Luke and Clarisse fighting Annabeth. They were equally matched so no one has made any progress. Rachel and Grover were trying to get off the cuffs binding Thalia's hands. The dracaenae could not do anything except carry the golden sarcophagus. There must be something very important and powerful in there.

"Giving up already?" The General marched towards me. I tightened my grip on Riptide.

He swung his spear and I caught it. I aimed a jab at his side but he avoided it and threw me away with his spear. I slammed into a block of granite. I heard his booming laugh.

"Percy..." I heard Artemis' strained voice. I looked at her. Her eyes rolled back to her head and she fell.


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Date Published: June 11, 2017
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