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*rides on the stage on a unicycle...cause she's just that skilled ;)*

"Hey guys and welcome back to 2 minutes with..."

"For today's show i will get the chance to interview the energetic eflagella, writer behind the popular book 'Persuade Me'..."

Hey and welcome to the show

Thanks so much for inviting my crazy ass! *smiles and waves spastically*

Haha lol so what name do you like to go by?

Well my name is Erin but some call me their epically awesome Captain…though most just call me a bitch…you choose.*cheeky grin*

So Erin how did you stumble upon the Whimsical World of Wattpad?

Actually I had just gotten my iPhone and stumbled across the app as I was searching for free stories.  Kindle was killing me, I was spending way too much money on it, book nerd that I am…>.< Found Wattpad and was like AHHHHHHH!!!!!! And performed a very embarrassing happy dance… And thus began my obsession. :D

Lol yup can totally relate to that xD...

Wow your story ‘Persuade Me’ is currently #2 on Humour and Romance...How does that feel?

Completely surreal, I never thought it would make it this big in a million years.  Still think it may be a fluke… >.<

Doubt it, I've been reading it myself and I'm finding it very funny

But I have to ask...Where did you get the idea for that essay that Christy wrote in PM? I was practically rolling on the floor in fits of laughter...x'D

Haha! It just randomly came to me and I giggled like a loon while writing it, which made typing extremely problematic! XD

If Planet Screw You was real, what would you imagine it would look like?

Oi! >.<  Well let’s see…it would be a beautiful place where people could insult each other freely without acting all offended like they have a stick shoved up their ass or something…I guess some should feel insulted though it they’re major asstards…

Anywho, there would be a majestic river called Fuck Off, a splendid mountain called Up Yours, a committee of equals by the name of Shut the Fuck Up, we would have lovely public transportation for free called Shove Off and everyone would vomit rainbows and sunshine, though sparkles are banned.  They make me think of sparkly vampires… (no offense to people who like sparkly vampires…)

(A big thanks to my biotch @hopelessromantic1993) for coming up with a couple of those!  :P)

Really random question...But if you could have a super power, what would it be?

Oh! That’s easy! Actually answered this before and the answer remains the same…teleporting.…would make my life as a stalker so much easier. *stares creepily at Chace Crawford*

Mmmm Chace Crawford...and his yummy abs that you could...<---- Wait forget about that...Back to interviewing

Lastly do you have any tips for new Wattpadders?

Ignore the haters (easier said than done, trust me) and don’t give up. It takes time to get reads and gather a fan base, and even if for some reason you’re not getting reads and fans write for you if that’s what tickles your pickle…so to speak… XD

Well thank you for this, it’s been a blast...and wishing you all the best in your future...have a safe journey...

Thanks so much for having me! *bows deeply and blows magical air kisses while walking off stage only to end up face planting* Yeah…I’m real smooth like that… :P

Pwhahaha lol, oh dear my stomach is hurting from laughing...I think we might need to get her back on the show at a later date xD...

Anyway guys thats all we have time for today...But stay tuned to 2 minutes with... as I may just have some more surprises up my sleeve ^ _^ x

"laters...Beam me up Scottie!"

*waves before disappearing*

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