Chapter six

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Angel's POV

Me and Xander were sitting in 'our' bedroom on the huge bed with me sitting between his legs and my back against his chest, his arms wrapped around me.

I was progressing all the stuff they had told me about werewolves and all that.

Apparently, they are the twin Alphas of the world's biggest pack - the Black Shadow pack - and they had been searching for me for two years now.

They said that if they hadn't found me soon, they would have gone feral because their wolves Ryder and Tyler would've taken over their bodies. It was like that for every werewolf.

Werewolves aren't just people who can turn into wolves, no. They are people who kind of have two different beings in their body - themselves and their wolf. The wolves have names and they can take over the person's body if they are strong enough to overpower the human side.

I shivered at the mere thought of that.

In wolf community, mates are the only ones who can calm one's wolf so they were lucky that they found me.

They confirmed what Jaxson had said - mate is a shorter term for soulmate and it's someone who wolves love and protect forever.

Oh and the fun part is yet to come. I'm just being sarcastic.

As Alphas are the leaders of the pack, their mate will be the female leader, also known as the Luna, who loves and cares for the pack while the pack loves and protects their Luna. Kind of like a mate-bond but without the intimate part.

So that means I am supposed to be the Luna of this pack.

How am I going to lead a pack of werewolves if I didn't even know they existed until today??

The twins calmed me down though and assured me that they would be with me every step of the way.

Oh and I finally know how to differentiate one twin from another.

Xavier is the one with just blue eyes while Xander has blue eyes with green specks.

And about the woman I met earlier?

She's the twins' mother, her name is Katherine Slade and she's the former Luna.

I haven't met their dad yet but I learned that his name is Thomas and that he is - obviously - the former Alpha.

Packs also have Betas - second in command - and TICs also known as third in command.

I was brought out of my thoughts by Xander who was nuzzling my neck once again.

"What are you thinking about, little one?"

"Just trying to adjust to everything you said, I guess."

"Oh, okay."

And he continued nuzzling and sniffing my neck.

"I've been meaning to ask. Why are you guys always nuzzling and sniffing my neck?"

"It calms our wolves and we love your scent, it's absolutely delicious."

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