Chapter 10

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[Luto's POV]

He is slowly dealing with the monsters I sent and I think that my plan is already executed. Now to see if the search party succeeded in taking the essences of the other dimension search party because if they don't the whole universe is doomed.

"What's with the look Glave? does it scare you that only Helputt,Enraged Manifestation and Source of Demonic energy remains?"

"Shut up fool! you think I'm gonna let everything end like this?"

"Still playing the mastermind in this situation?"

"I AM a MasterMind but sometimes I may be a little Lunatic and Diabolic!"

"So what does this situation put you into?"

"I will show you the cycle of death!"

"We shall see"

We had a conversation even when he's evading the attacks of my summoned monsters...where are you guys?!

"God-forgotten Scythe"

And just like that he defeated all my summoned monsters....ugh it cost me a LOT to summon those and now I can't do anything

"Time to di- what what's happening?"

A whole appeared within our room and from it Elbrat appeared

"You killed Ain! Now you DIE! Phantom Sword!"

 He summoned a giant blade      but    Apostasia evaded the sword emergence

"The power of El that resides within no longer a concern of mine"

As the battle raged on sparks filled the room as projected sword and a giant blade ravaged the battlefield 

"I learned this move when I met the other me's! take this Infinite Strike!"

He attacked Apostasia with a move I've never seen him use this is the power of taking essences.......transcendence but wait....




As Elbrat was performing the Infinite Strike, from the looks of it Apostasia used a move called Eradication and concealed himself from Elbrat but he can't fool the eyes of Henir


"Goodbye Elsword. Despair(Verzweiflung)"

He ruptured time and space and materializes Henir's chaos.....even with transcendence.....

"Hey Apostasia did you take the essences of the other Ain's?!"

"I suppose so."

"But Erbluhen's body was found and if you take the essence you also take the physical form!"

"I killed that emotion-full  human that's why my transcendence is incomplete, now for your essence Elsword"

As he was approaching Elbrat 6 more portals appeared and the whole search party except for Add appeared

"I have no time for this so I must finish all of you at once"

"Don't joke around! Let's go guys! Ifritan Flame!"

"Icicle Spear!"

"Critical Strike!"


"Spiritual Dragon!"

"Blood Falls!"

There's no way Apostasia's leaving this place alive. Now Die!


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