Chapter One

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Five years ago.

I laughed as my father juggled the hand made wooden balls.

"Father how do you control the balls?"

My father laughed as he balanced one of the balls on his nose.

"Its all about training your eyes to the movements of the object. You also need to have a quick reflex, but remember this, you have to keep your eyes on the ball, or else you will lose sight of it and fail. It also applies to life dear son."

I nodded as my father stopped the balls and raised his head to the air.

Suddenly, the sound of horse shoes hitting against stone filled my ears. I turned to my father and saw his face had gone a deathly pale.

"Gene, go to the black rock and find the path. Follow it back to the cottage and tell your mother that they have found us, and no matter what you do. Don't turn back. Do you understand?"

I nodded as I did what my father told me. I turned and ran, but not before the sound of my fathers screams reached my ears.

I watched the ground, looking for the black rock. My eyes searched the dark green moss until my eyes ran over something a little too dark for camouflage.

The black rock.

I quickly searched around it to find the path, but I didn't see it. I turned in circles and caught a glimpse of stone.

I started to pull up the damp grass and found the path. It was hidden.

I started to walk through the low hanging branches that hid a secret passage way. As I walked deeper and deeper the moss cleared up and showed a shiny white path.

I followed it until I came to another hidden passage. I pulled back the branches and pushed the rock away to reveal my home.

I smiled and ran to the door. I saw my mother sitting on the oak chair humming as she did her daily crocheting.

She raised her head and smiled.

"Mother father told me to tell you that they've found us."

My mothers smile dropped and so did the crotchet needle.

"Gene, get the little black black bag we save for emergencies."

I went to the ancient clay pot that had been passed down on my mothers side and retrieved the bag that held food and clothes.

My mother grabbed my hand as she ran around the all cottage blowing out all the candles.

"We must hurry, if they see us they will kill us."

My mother bunched her dress in her hand and ran out of the cottage with me in tow.

We ran to the black rocks path, with the sounds of horses following us.

"I thought you said they were here you old geezer."

"I must have been mistaken."

"Then you will pay for your mistakes. Kill him."

I watched beside my mother from the safety of the of the underbrush as a soldier jumped off of his horse and pulled his  sword and raised it to my father.

I felt the hot tears slide down my cheek as I watched how this unfolded.

The soldier brought the sword Down on my father, and everything went in slow motion.

My father's scream filled the thick air, and then it was silent.

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