Chapter eighteen

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Who ever thought leaving eleven ADHD kids on a train for HOURS was a good idea deserves to be hit with the train we're riding in. I rubbed my temples as my foot tapped against the floor, when would we finally arrive. Piper smiled handing me a liquorice wand her seemed calm but her eyes were begging to leave this two by two-meter room. 

"I don't know whether I'm annoyed because of my twitchiness or the fact that we might be split up into all of the houses," Will said his hands were shaking. We had just been told about the houses and let's just say none of us was particularly pleased. If we were separated then it would be easier to make sure everyone in the school was alright but then it would be harder to withstand monsters (if there is any) but on the other hand we'd look out of place all going to one one house and it would take us longer to 'fix' Hogwarts but we wouldn't have to worry about monsters or nightmares. I sighed in relief as the train pulled to a stop.

"Umm, excuse me?" A voice called behind us as we stepped off the train. I turned around and saw a tall woman with a serious expression. 

"Oh, hello Miss. May we be of assistance?" Calypso asked quietly tugging on her white skirt. The woman face softened slightly but still remand hard and knowledgeful. 

"I'm Professor McGonagall, Headmistress of this school. I need you to follow me as we need to discuss some matters." We all nodded and I felt the familiar tug of danger fill my stomach.

Hey, guys! I'm so sorry this took so long and is so short! I have writers' block and a whole lot of other things so I'm just going slowly to try and not make it worse pls keep on telling me what houses you think they should be in I really love all of your ideas so far! Lots of thanks and best of luck,