CHAPTER-2 "Someone leaving"

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"Life's a bitch"

Here I am all happy about getting Jack's number without thinking what am I going to do with it?

Yes ,yes I don't have a phone

My moment of happiness came to an end realizing that he must be waiting to get a missed call or a text from me and I don't even have a phone

Lucky me

I started thinking how to contact him and suddenly I remembered that Sebastian's old phone must be kept in one of the drawers in mom's room


I slowly got down the stairs without making a noise and sneak up to mom's room

I was busy searching for the phone just when I heard my mom saying

"What do think you are doing ?, you little bitch!!"

I quickly turned over to see my mom furious she slapped me hard on my face before I could even make an excuse

" I raised you, I fed you and you are stealing from ME??!!! How can my own daughter be such a bitch "

My mom yelled at me while snatching and throwing away the phone which I managed to find in a short amount of time
At this point I was fuming with rage

"What the hell mom?! I am freakin' teenager and you don't even gave a phone now that I took Sebastian's old phone which otherwise you would have sold to buy your weed !! Yo---...."

before I could even complete my sentence I felt a tight punch on my gut and I fell on the floor blood was oozing out of my mouth badly . Just when I got up to fight with mom Sebastian came storming inside the room.

He was not shocked to see me in this position. Whenever me and mom fight I am always ended up like this. Sebastian quickly grabbed a towel and wiped the blood coming out of my mouth. He then shot an icy cold glare towards mom and asked me what happened. I told him truly as I never lie to Sebastian but I didn't tell him about Jack as I was afraid of how he will react to this .

"I've enough of this bullshit"

He said as he stormed towards his room locking it from inside.

I sat there confused. I never saw Sebastian so angry my mom shot me glare and bolted towards the door and headed out of the house. I decided not to bother Sebastian and went up to my room for some sleep

After an hour or two I was bolted awake to see a furious and crying mom in front of me

"Look what you've done, you pest you ruined the only good thing in my life my only family I will kill you bitch!!!!!!"

My mom screamed at the top of her lungs I was very confused about what she was talking about. I gave her a questioning look on which she threw a envelope on my face.

I opened the envelope and saw Sebastian's name on the top. As I read the letter tears started streaming down my cheeks and I was completely shocked!!

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