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The day you loose someone precious to you sucks. Your life feels like it's over but it wasn't your life that was taken away. It makes you want to go in a corner and cry your eyes out. It makes you want to jump off a bridge. Mostly it makes you want to go in the past and sacrifice your life for him. I should've did that but instead I ran away, why didn't I save him for every time he helps me, he was the only light in this world but now it is pitch black, a sea of nothing. In a world were the world's resources have been diminished. Only the rich are in charge and the rest are slaves or gang members. Once a world full of technologies and bright thinkers goes to total greed and corruption. Countries destroyed from humans, the same that built them. In the end everything we make or find gets destroyed just like my brother Yuzuru Masuka.

One of my best memories with him is when me and my family took a vacation the first in five years out of our town ,Isehara to go to mount Oyama. The early morning breeze felt good on our skin. It also had some trees that are rare mainly due to deforestation. Yuzuru and I climbed the highest we could till I got tired. We sat on some rocks and looked at the sky.

"Kamiyah look at the sky today! It's less smogy." Yuzuru exclames.

"I never seen the bright blue sky or breathed clean air like this before." I responded.

My brother explains," it must be the wind blowing away the pollution."

"But where is it going then," I asked.

He took a leaf and put it in the air and it went towards the morning sun.

My brother said," it's going towards the east. So the pollution is going that way.I heard the east is the only place with freedom. Almost everyone on earth works for there life to feed 15 billion people but the people in the continent north America they dont farm. Instead they use money to buy our food and resources and they transform them for triple the price."

"Does that mean they'll always be the richest till we stop sending them stuff?" I questioned.

"If we stop sending them stuff they'll come here and kill us, so dont object them. I must say Kamiyah that seemed like a smart idea at first." he responded.

"But if they all kill us no one would work for them," I objected

"Most people are too scared of the rich people and value their life over freedom", He corrected.

"But it's not fair! Mom and dad work 14 hours a day while there doing nothing and getting paid!" I complained.

In a calming voice my brother said," Nothing in this world is fair unless we do something about it. Kamiyah lets both go to North America when were old enough to fight for this injustice. I hope the future comes soon" .

He started smiling but he was totally right. I nodded with agreement. For the rest of that time we looked at the sky and how the sun moved. I was 8 and he was 11 we were both unaware of next year, when he would be murdered.

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