Chapter 9

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Chapter 9


"What do you mean," I try to say calmly but it just comes out squeaky and nervous. I mentally face palm myself.

'Way to go smart one' my wolf says

'Now did I ask for commentary? No okay so shut the fuck up," I snarl at my wolf. She makes an annoyed noise but doesn't talk again.

Avery raises one slender eyebrow and looks at me. Her eyes are like,' are you really going to give me that bullshit answer'

"There is seriously nothing going on with Drake and I. He's just some douche who doesn't know when he isn't wanted," I say nonchalantly. She continues to look at me and I began to squirm under her gaze. Jeez! She could like get you to tell her anything with that look. I look away and start biting my nails. A sign that I'm nervous.

I glance at Avery again thinking if I should tell her. I mean I sniffed her out so she's a werewolf but no one really knows I'm his mate.

Avery sighs and begins to speak since she asked me, " Ives I know you're Drake's mate," I couldn't help the look of surprise that crosses my face. I'm pretty sure my eyeballs were popping out of my skull.

"Wha-what?!" I say not being able to conform a sentence because of how shocked I am. How the hell does she know I'm his mate. My wolf is suddenly on guard and my demeanor changes. I've only known this girl for about 2 hours and I curse myself for letting my guard slip up.

"His scent is mixed with yours. It's basically all over you. Plus since I'm in his pack he announced yesterday that you're his and if anyone touched you they would suffer horrible consequences," she says with a shrug. I nod. I guess that make sense. I still look at her warily. You can't trust the crazies now a days. She sighs again and puts her hands on her hips.

"Ives are you serious? I'm not going to attack you or backstab you. I am your friend not some spy or a two faces bitch. I have know idea why your so guarded but believe me I would never hurt my Luna. Plus you're really funny and I wouldn't want to mess up anything for our friendship," she says with a sincere smile. I look into her eyes, trying to see if she's telling the truth. All I saw was truth and hope. I sigh and lose the defensive stance I had.

"I'm sorry my wolf is just wary of others. I've never really had any...friends," I say awkwardly. It's true friends weren't ever my forte.

"It's okay Ives I'm here to stay since I'll be seeing you more often," she says with a knowing smile. Oh right the whole Luna thing.

"Yeah about that whole mate thing. I'm not sure if I'm accepting him," I say scratching my neck trying not to look at Avery. A shocked gasp comes from her.

"You-what?" she sputters looking at me incredulously.

"Well I can't be tied down to someone right now. I have to do certain things that involve my past." I say

"Look Ives I may not like Drake but you rejecting him will tear him apart. His past has been so hard on him. He tried finding his mate forever and when he couldn't find her after searching he just gave up. You're his only chance at happiness. Don't risk that. Plus he won't let you go that easy, you know that don't you," she says trying to convince me. I shake my head.

"I get he's a possessive alpha with a bad past but I won't let him stop me from completing the task at hand." I say fiercely. No ones going to get in the way of me finding Him. My wolf made a sound of approval in the back of her throat.

She sighs and looks at me with sad eyes," I hope you know what you're doing,"

I'm about to nod but something stops me. Am I doing what's right? Even if it means giving up my happiness? I start to second guess myself but I shake the thoughts out of my head. I needed to do this, I have to do this. I nod my head and look at her. " I'm sure,"

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