sleepover // veronica lodge

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im so in love with ronnie like help. she's my queen ♛ and anna, we have the same first name hahah ;) (im using our names guys hopefxl_, -hemmatron, jughead_trash ok) hope u don't mind being our friend anna woo


Veronica Lodge and I were best friends. That was a fact.

We both came from New York, and moved to Riverdale. That was also a fact.

"So you and Veronica huh?" A friend from my English class, Bella, asked me, with three more friends surrounding me at the Student Lounge. I frantically shook my head 'no'. I laughed nervously. "No! No! We're just best friends," I explained to her, and several others.

Bella raised an eyebrow to me. "Are you sure about that?" Mikayla asked, smirking. "Y-Yes. I'm sure about that!" Denice was chewing on some gum, while they all smirked.

"Then what explains this?" Siera handed me her phone.




Ronnie🔒: Ann, are you up for a sleepover? Later at my house? 

Ann🔑: wow matching emojis. when did dis

happened?? i didnt change it

Ronnie🔒: I stole your phone in lunch time,

while you were getting french fries. So are you coming by?

Ann🔑: oh ok. yea sure what tym ??

and is betty coming over?

Ronnie🔒: I'll pick you up at 5. And oh she isn't. Jughead

and her are up sleuthing.

Ann🔑: ohhhhhh okayyyy see ya latah!

✿ ✿ ✿

4:30 PM

I entered my house, and sighed. It was a long day, and gosh, school was demanding. Lots of homework! And luckily, Veronica and I were having a sleepover! So that's a relief! I walked to my mom, who was on the couch, watching TV. I set my bag at the floor.

I then walked over to my mom.

"Hey mom," I kissed her cheek. She grinned in response. "Hey hunny! Your dad by the way is doing some laundry." My eyes went big, as I laughed. "I know, weird. Anyways, he said I needed to 'take it easy'," She added air quotation marks with her fingers. "So he told me to sit back and relax."

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