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I call my grandmother güelita (not to be confused with güerita) instead of abuelita (which is the most common diminutive)

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I call my grandmother güelita (not to be confused with güerita) instead of abuelita (which is the most common diminutive). It 's just a different way to say it, but I wanted to mention it in case some readers got confused. The same goes for grandfather (i.e. güelito instead of abuelito). 

Carne seca means dried meat, though it tastes better than that sounds. (Kind of like beef jerky, but the process is different). Machacado con huevo simply means eggs scrambled with this type of beef. 

I hope you guys enjoy this chapter!

Song: Agüita del Equilibrio by Alejandro y Maria Laura 


"Buenos días," I rub my left eye as dad walks into the kitchen, interrupting my session of staring at my cup of coffee for some good three minutes without touching it.

"Buenos días," taking the cup, and leaning so he can place a good morning kiss on my cheek, I move out of the way to let him get access to the coffeemaker.

"It's Monday, why do you look so tired?" He lets out a small laugh, filling up a cup for himself.

Trying not to think of all the shenanigans I did last night, I simply smile.

"Mondays are reason enough to look tired." My father has an uncanny ability to crave work like an addict. Thankfully, that same energy also makes him fall asleep easily at night, and he sleeps like a rock, so I didn't have any problems last night when I snuck into the apartment around two in the morning.

"Morning classes, huh?" He's already dressed up to leave, even though it's still six in the morning.

"Mm-hmm" As for myself, I have class around nine, but since I bike to school I need to leave home about eight thirty — and, I mean, have you seen the bike racks at a college campus? The school puts five spots for about every fifty bikes or something. If I can find a pole close enough to my building and not get a ticket that is a blessing.

I once saw a bike chained to a bush outside the Nursing building. Nursing students ain't fucking around with their education, I'll tell you that.

"At what time do you get back home?"

"I should be back by five."

"You work today?"

"Well, if I want to eat out, yeah." I work at the library as an aide, simply doing the dirty work the librarians in movies do. Shelving books away, helping people find that book that is obviously right in front of their faces, but they didn't want to look it up, signing people up for library cards, except Jeremy — Jeremy lost the book I lent to him in eighth grade and never gave it back to me. Fuck Jeremy.

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