~That was then and this is now!

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~That was then and this is now!

Since I couldn't get out the car with my own free will, I had to wait patiently for him to open the door. It was an awkward drive, if I must say so myself. The moment the car stopped, I was pulling the door frantically to get out. Jennifer left as soon as he parked slamming the door in the process. He rolled his eyes and then for the first time, he looked at me. During the whole drive his eyes were on the road.

"What?" I snapped.  I still wasn't a happy camper as you can tell. My foot was freezing and I looked absolutely ridiculous with only one shoe.

"What size shoe are you?" He said  sounding more of an order than a question. Couldn’t he just be nice? Is it that hard?

"A six. Why?" I asked quirking an eyebrow. Completely ignoring me, he was searching in the back seat. Coming back he pulled out was two black ugg boots.

"What are you doing with girl boots? Something you're not telling" I smirked. I knew this would piss him off.   He gave me his original glare then he smiled.

" Would you rather walk with no shoes" that shut me up pretty quick as he handed me the shoes. I never had Uggs before but a lot of girls made a big deal about them. The moment my feet touch the soft fluffy fur, I felt like I walking on my own personal cloud. I understand why my people save their allowance for these God given shoes, they are amazing!!

I didn't know if I should say thank you. I really didn't want to because it would feel like viger down my tongue. Even so I didn't want to stoop to his level. 

"Thanks" I muttered.

"What was that I couldn't  hear you?" He said putting a hand to his ear.

" I said it once. I'm not going to repeat myself" I scoffed as I stepped out of the car. His ego was so big, probably bigger than his small balls.  Pushing past him, I tried hurrying to the school to get away from the cold. Jogging faster, Josh made it to the door before me. You think he be a gentleman and open the door for you. Nope, thats not the case at all. Reaching to the door, I wasn't surprised to find that there wasn't many students.  It was still too early for them to come.

I decide to use this time wisely and go to the library.  The library was the warmest in the building. I personally love the library. Sure I don't read a ton, but I do enjoy to read to pass time.  Randomly scanning the books my eyes landed briefly on a title of wolves. Skipping through pages, the font and size were too small for me to even bother to read.

"What are you reading about wolves for? Are you a twilight fan?" I couldn't help but a jump by the sound of Josh's voice. Could they freakin stop sneaking up on me!

"What are you doing in the library? I didn't know you could read." I shot back. Snatching the book he scan through the it and then shrugged putting it back.

"It looks boring." He stated. I agreed with him but I'd never admit it though. Walking passed him, I tried to look for something else.  When I mean by something else, I mean anything away from him.

On the next shelf, I landed on Harry Potter. Honestly, I've never read the books. The closest I've been was watching the first movie . Grabbing out for the first novel, I could hear cackling of laughter from behind. Letting out a loud sigh, I turned around to see Josh dying of laughter.

"I can't stand you" I groaned pulling out the book anyway.  Sitting on the ground, I tried to begin reading the first chapter. Not even getting to read the first word, he lied his head down on my lap.

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